The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketplace for your Business

In 2021, the Facebook Marketplace is quickly expanding. It’s catching on.
In addition, as an agency, we have assisted our clients in selling millions of dollars in products and services using Facebook pages.
However, selling items through pages and advertising is considerably more challenging because individuals on Facebook aren’t looking to buy things.
As a result, while employing these approaches, you must have a strong sales presentation to drive visitors.
However, with Facebook Marketplace in 2021, you will have Facebook users seeking goods to purchase and sell, which is incredible.
So, in this piece, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to sell items on Facebook Marketplace in 2021.
And this is true whether you are doing it for the company or simply to get rid of personal stuff you no longer require.
Also, because this is a new function, we’re going to steal some tried-and-true tactics from Amazon and eBay merchants.
Let’s start with the basics and work our way up to more advanced levels as we go.
So let us begin by describing the Facebook Marketplace and quickly discussing its history.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

So, Facebook Marketplace was initially established in 2016 and has since grown in popularity as a platform for individuals to sell things to nearby customers.
Its business strategy is most similar to Craigslist, however, Facebook Marketplace saw to be a little safer and more user pleasant.
This is since you can check people’s identities a little bit better.
Since its inception, Facebook Marketplace has enabled users to sell items in certain categories across the country.


As a result, suppliers and buyers have access to a considerably broader market.
Facebook currently has approximately 800 million marketplace users each month.
People are also utilizing it to sell worn or unwanted home products. They’re utilizing it to market their company’s products.
Some even engage in retail arbitrage.
This is the practice of purchasing in-demand items from a retail business and reselling them for a greater price online.
If you’re a gamer, consider the PlayStation 5 and how quickly it sold out when introduced.
When it sold out, individuals began reselling it online on sites like eBay, Amazon, and, yes, Facebook Marketplace.
That’s excellent retail arbitrage.

Who Should Sell On The Facebook Marketplace?

The answer is straightforward…anyone! It’s not just for those who have extra items they’d like to get rid of; it’s also for:

  • owners of businesses,
  • e-commerce companies,
  • Amazon vendors,
  • handcrafted artists, as well as
  • even traditional brick and mortar establishments

So it truly comes down to you and becoming creative with your selling technique on the platform.
If you already sell on eBay or Amazon, the techniques are very similar.
However, unlike other marketplaces, Facebook charges no fees to list your products if you sell them locally.
In addition, if an order necessitates delivery, the seller is only charged 5% of the purchase price. As a result, there are excellent profit margins for both new and seasoned e-Commerce vendors.

What Do You Need To Start Selling On Facebook?

This procedure is incredibly simple and takes very little time.
So the only thing you’ll need to do is have an active Facebook account.
It’s as easy as that. If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to access the Marketplace and list anything you wish to sell.
If you want to provide shipping on your listings, the only thing you need to do is enter your payment and shipping information into your account.

Why Facebook Marketplace is a great opportunity for Businesses?

With 2.7 billion monthly users on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace represents a massive market potential for companies.
Furthermore, there are 1.79 million active users on Facebook Marketplace.
This is an extra benefit for small firms with less than 2,000 website sessions each month.
It exposes firms to a worldwide audience.

Availability of different marketing tools

The Facebook Marketplace offers a variety of options for companies on the network.
The merchant selling function is an example of this.
Businesses may also employ marketing automation technologies to generate automated responses to customer inquiries or chatbots to address frequently asked questions.

Sell directly to prospects one on one

Businesses may sell directly to buyers over Facebook Messenger using the Facebook Marketplace.
Prospective buyers may ask you questions directly, and you can respond in real-time.
This enables you to provide them with the necessary product information before they lose interest.
It also makes prospects feel more at ease and confident while making purchasing selections.

List products for free and boost sales

All companies may list and manage items on Facebook Marketplace for free.
You can post your items and begin selling in minutes.
This allows you to speed up the conversion process and increase revenue.
If you already have a Facebook store, connect it to your Marketplace to boost conversion.

How does Facebook Marketplace work?

The Facebook marketplace operates on a basic premise.
Sellers can advertise their items for sale in their respective areas.
When users search for items, it uses information from their profiles to determine where they are. Following that, it shows various products for sale in their respective areas.
The prospective buyer selects the item they wish to purchase and contacts the seller over Facebook Messenger.
The two parties reach an agreement on how to make payment and deliver the item at a predetermined place or via shipment.

Here’s an example.

On the Marketplace, an automotive dealer (EchoPark Automotive) advertised their vehicles for sale.
A prospective customer selected the vehicle he or she desired (the 2013 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback) and scheduled a meeting with the dealer. Isn’t it seamless?
Facebook Messenger is a free service that allows companies to conduct transactions without having to exchange addresses or phone numbers.

Guide To Setting Your Facebook Marketplace Listings

1. Find something you want to sell.

You may check around your house, garage, and attic for items to resell.
Or perhaps you have a firm with an established product and want to perform some product flipping.
Once you’ve come up with some ideas, check around the marketplace to see what other vendors are selling.
This will give you an idea of what your price should look like, as well as your description and the photos you’ll need to shoot.
You may now sell in a variety of categories, such as video games, clothing, and gadgets.
The whole category list is as follows:

  • Vehicles
  • Property rentals
  • Apparel
  • Classifieds
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Free stuff
  • Garden & outdoor
  • Hobbies
  • Home goods
  • Home improvement supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys & games
  • Groups

Once you’ve got a basic idea and some strong product ideas that you want to pursue.
let’s start putting together some forecasts based on more product studies.

How To Come Up With Product Ideas For Facebook Marketplace

#1 – Keep your eyes open for new releases of popular items

When a popular item, such as Beyonce’s new clothing, a big concert, or a new gaming system, such as the PS5, is about to be released.
They are the goods that will be in high demand and will most likely sell out.
So, if you can acquire them on release day, wait until they sell out, and then resale them, you’ll almost certainly earn money.

2. Stay on top of new trends

We already discussed the return of Pokemon cards. This is a new phenomenon.
And many folks aren’t paying attention. Some people physically walk into businesses, buy the cards, and then sell them for a profit online.

3. Seasonal products

As the seasons change, so will customers’ demands.
Consider items that you can position during a specific season and be the first to sell them on the market.
Selling Christmas sweaters in early November, for example, may put you ahead.

4. Sell perishable items

As the seasons change, so will customers’ demands.
Consider items that you can position during a specific season and be the first to sell them on the market.
Selling Christmas sweaters in early November, for example, may put you ahead.

How to use the Facebook Marketplace

Businesses may use Facebook Marketplace to discover new consumers and establish long-term partnerships.
As a business, you may utilize Facebook Marketplace in a variety of ways.
They are as follows:

Use Facebook Marketplace to know the popular product that sells

Every product is unique and performs differently across platforms.
A product that sells well on Shopify may not sell well on Facebook Marketplace.
You may start by researching the goods that sell well on Facebook.
You may accomplish this by going to other product vendors in your industry and looking through their product categories.
Top-selling goods are constantly at the top and referred to as “top choices.”
When you find a selling product that is comparable to what you want to offer, develop advertising for it to increase its reach on the platform and speed up its sale.
The second approach to find popular items that sell on Facebook is to visit company pages that are comparable to yours.
The best-performing items are always at the top of the page.

Consider the following example from an Electronic Gadgets Facebook Page.
  • One of the most popular items in the store has been pinned to the top so that more people may view and purchase it.
  • If you sell watches, you could notice that the Apple Watch sells more.
  • You can certainly post it in the marketplace and create an ad for it.
  • Use Facebook Marketplace to test new products

Do you intend to introduce a new product for your company?

Facebook Marketplace is a great area to try out new items.
Facebook allows you to target the ideal audience to learn about the items that your target audience prefers to buy.
All that is necessary is the creation of a listing, and Facebook will handle the rest.
Aside from that, you may conduct experiments to determine the optimum price at which to sell your goods by offering discounts and increasing pricing.

Boost discoverability and awareness
  • Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic resource for consumers to find new items.
    While people are aware of your items, they are more inclined to consider them when making purchasing selections.
  • These are not cold audiences, but rather users who are already interested in your goods.
  • Use the appropriate categories to enhance your visibility in the marketplace.
  • Placing your items in the appropriate category will assist you in attracting the correct audience.
  • You may also increase product discovery by writing good product descriptions.
Use the Facebook Marketplace to build trust with your audience

Once your audience has discovered your items, it is crucial to earning their trust.
Fortunately, Facebook Marketplace has features that can help you build trust with prospects.
The first is the messaging application.
Originally, the messenger app intended to be a messaging app.
Today, though, it is much more.
Today, among its numerous applications are the sharing of images and videos, tales, location, and connecting with companies.
Use the messenger feature to have one-on-one conversations with your prospects.
Did you know that Facebook Messenger messages have a 50-80 per cent open rate?
Second, the store page enables you to respond to queries and give further information about your items.
Tip for selling on Facebook Marketplace

Know what product you can sell on Facebook Marketplace

The first piece of advice you need to sell successfully on the Facebook Marketplace is to know what to sell.
As stated above, not all items are permitted to include in the marketplace.
Booze, narcotics, firearms, animals, counterfeits, tobacco, and get-rich-quick schemes are all forbidden.
The complete list of banned goods may be seen here. Your Facebook account may be banned if you list illegal products in the marketplace.
Furniture, toys, maternity clothing, cabinets, shoes, bags, and other items that sell well on the marketplace include refurbished or newly painted furniture, toys, maternity clothes, cabinets, shoes, bags, and so on.


That pretty much sums up Facebook Marketplace. Remember that you may make a lot of money on Facebook, both in the marketplace and throughout the network.
So, if you haven’t already, be sure to read our other Facebook postings on the Facebook business manager and Facebook business page.
And Nummero can assist you in making the most of this massive social media network.