The Forthright, Must-Read Guide for ClickBank for 2021

Clickbank is both a marketplace for affiliates and an e-commerce platform for digital content creators

So you’re interested in making money with affiliate marketing?

Money has a distinct odor.

And one has piqued your interest among the hundreds of affiliate marketing networks out there, all promising you a piece of the tasty $12 billion pie.

ClickBank is a company that helps people make money online.

But there’s a snag.

You’ve probably heard great things about ClickBank.

You’ve also heard a lot of negative things.

What is the truth? What is the difference between fact and fiction? Is it possible to generate money using ClickBank? How can you effectively traverse the ClickBank platform’s rich but treacherous waters?

That is the purpose of this step-by-step instruction.

An unbiased review of ClickBank, warts and all.

Let’s get started.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks, having been founded in a garage in San Diego, California in 1998.
You may make money as a product vendor or affiliate marketer with ClickBank without becoming a harried cubicle slave.

The following are some startling statistics concerning the ClickBank marketplace:

  • There are 200 million consumers in 190 countries.
  • North America’s 87th largest online store
  • There are 21562 product entries in 276 categories.
  • On the site, there are 6 million entrepreneurs.
  • Annual sales of more than $200 million
  • In a nutshell, this renowned affiliate marketplace can help you earn a fortune

What’s the best part?

Joining a successful affiliate program on ClickBank isn’t as time-consuming as writing for a living or blogging for a living.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and digital content providers who want to advertise digital and lifestyle items can choose ClickBank.

How is ClickBank Different From Other Affiliate Networks?

ClickBank isn’t like your average affiliate network.

Five positive aspects jump out:


The registration procedure is simple. You may open a ClickBank account in a matter of minutes and begin trading without having to fill out any paperwork or go through any administrative hurdles.


The network is open to anybody and is completely free to join. It’s ideal for those who are new to affiliate marketing and wish to learn the ropes.


You may sign up as a merchant or an affiliate on most affiliate marketing networks. To optimize your revenue, ClickBank allows you to participate as both a seller and a marketer.

Large Selection

Your affiliate program options are many, with hundreds of spectacular affiliate items to pick from in every possible field.

Good Commission Rates

ClickBank offers generous commissions of up to 75% or even 100%. Plus, they pay quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to buy that something you’ve been eyeing.

However, there are certain disadvantages:

Slow Customer Service: According to some BBB reviews, ClickBank may take up to seven days to respond to client emails.

Charges on Dormant ClickBank Accounts: After 90 days with no revenue, you’ll automatically charged $1 per day, $5 per day after 180 days, and a whopping $50 per day after 360 days.

Some Junk Products: In a moment, I’ll explain how to overcome this.

Fierce Competition for Quality Programs: If you ask me, it’s a nice problem to have

What are the Sign Up Requirements for ClickBank?

Anyone, new or experienced affiliates, may join ClickBank for free.

To join, all you have to do is:

You must be a citizen of a qualifying nation (United States, Canada, etc.)

Set your browser to accept cookies.

Have a tax identification number (ITIN) or a Social Security number (SSN) (if you live in the U.S.)

If you want to become a ClickBank merchant, you must pay a $49.95 one-time activation charge. Any more accounts are simply $29.95 each.
What are ClickBank’s Payment Methods?

You can get income from ClickBank in four different ways:

Payment Method #1:Check

A paper check is the most common mode of payment. Sent to your account’s address on file.

Payment Method #2: Direct Deposit

ClickBank provides free direct deposit in the United States and a few other countries. It takes 1-2 business days for direct deposits to reach your account.

Payment Method #3: Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is an option for payment. This option is for countries that do not have international direct deposits. Payment processing might take up to 5 days (depending on where you live).

Payment Method #4: Payoneer

You can also get paid via the Payoneer Mastercard, which is a free international money transfer service. Payoneer allows you to create a bank account in the United States and deposit your funds there.

As you can see, ClickBank provides a plethora of alternatives. Moreover:

ClickBank will not bind you to the payment method you select.

You have the option of changing your payment method at any moment. Because it’s your money, you get to spend it whatever you choose. However, it might take up to seven days for the new payment method to take effect.

You can’t change payment methods for a week after changing your email address or password. This safeguards you from scammers.

The payment barrier can be set as low as $10.

  • Is ClickBank a Scam? Or, as the Kids Would Say, is ClickBank Legit?
  • Is ClickBank a sham or a legitimate Internet enterprise?
  • It’s correct. There are several low-quality ClickBank affiliate schemes. Junk items that have been overhyped ad nauseam abound. That’s only half of the tale, though.

There are also some excellent programs.

ClickBank is like a massive store with a wide variety of products.

What’s on the shelf doesn’t appeal to you? That’s OK. Go down a different lane. You’ll get what you’re looking for quite quickly.

Your ideal product is waiting for you among a seemingly endless number of digital items created by entrepreneurs throughout the world.
This is why the site has millions of users. Affiliates and sellers with ClickBank have been with them for decades.

But, in the end, it’s your reputation on the line. Before you advertise other people’s items, you owe it to yourself and your audience to double-check them.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

5 Smart Ways Not To Get Burned on ClickBank

Follow these guidelines when selecting a product to sift out the rubbish and reveal the gems:

1. Try the product first

Isn’t it true that you sincerely desire to assist others? Then ask the vendor for a review sample product to determine whether it’s the real deal. If they refuse, purchase the item themselves. You’ll be able to verify the product’s validity this way.

2. Check the product reviews

Examine consumer feedback on the product you want to offer. Not just reviews from other affiliates, since they might become skewed. Look for feedback on reputable review sites such as Trust Pilot. If a product is popular, it will almost certainly have a product review somewhere on the internet.

3. Check the product’s gravity score

The number of affiliates who have sold a vendor’s product in the previous 12 weeks is known as gravity. The higher the gravity, the more trustworthy the product. Each gravity point is a vote of confidence in the product.

4. Watch out for overblown claims

It is feasible to make money on ClickBank, but it is not a magic formula. Stay wary of any scheme that offers you a million bucks as you binge-watch Friends on Netflix.

They’re fake. They’re swindlers. And they’re on the hunt for you.
Never glance behind as you run.

5. Be on the lookout for shadowy vendors

Cheaters could always found in the shadows. They are adamant about not showing their faces.

Vendors that you’re interested in can being found by searching on Google.

Can’t seem to find them? Consider your options.

Trustworthy vendors have a track record on the internet.

How Does ClickBank Work? Crucial Code Terms To Master

Before you start looking for ClickBank affiliate programs, make sure you’re comfortable with the platform’s terminology.

Here are some important ClickBank words to know:


This number indicates how many affiliates have sold the product successfully in the last 12 weeks. The stronger the gravity, the more likely you are to succeed with that program. It’s updated daily and can reach 600+ words. It’s safe to gamble on a product with a gravity score of at least 50.

Initial $/Sale

This figure is the average dollar amount of a first sale credited to the affiliate, excluding rebills.

Avg %/Sale

The average affiliate commission % for a sale, taking into account both original and rebill commissions.

Avg %/Rebill

Represents the average overall affiliate compensation percent for a recurring billing product sale, which includes just rebill commission.

What is the real north of your heart? What should be your guiding metric?

Gravity is the law of the universe.

What is the reasoning for this?

It demonstrates what is currently in demand.
The rest of the metrics are only an afterthought.
Most affiliate marketers rush in, looking for the highest-paying product with the highest gravity.
That is not the correct approach.
Here’s how to go about doing it properly.

How To Make Money On ClickBank: 4 Top Tips to Rake In Big Bucks

I’m not going to lie to you.

Making money on ClickBank, like any worthy endeavor, will not be easy, especially at first.

It’ll require a lot of patience, ingenuity, trial and error, and a large coffee urn for that much-needed caffeine dose.

Here are four pointers to get you started:

Don’t be obsessed with high gravity and $/Sale

  • It isn’t necessary to focus on the product with the greatest gravity or Ave$/Sale.
  • Competition is fiercer for programs with a high Av$/Sale.
  • They also have lower conversion rates.
  • Conversion rates are greater for those in the center.
  • Find a happy medium.
  • Wrap up your offer in relevant content

Context is key to a successful affiliate program. You may include the offer in your email, a popular blog post, or a page dedicated to “items we suggest.”

Right here on Nummero, you’ll find a case study of this strategy. You’ll notice this if you go to the menu and select ‘Tools We Recommend.’

What I appreciate about this is that, unlike many WordPress sites, they don’t just provide you a shopping list of resources. They put up a post with their recommendations. The endorsements will appear spontaneous rather than forced in this manner.

So, what was the outcome? Increased revenue.

For certain deals, you may create a custom piece of content.
As a jigsaw puzzle, consider it. Your free content fills in the gaps that the offer fills in.

3. Get the product/audience fit right

The temptation to promote any top-selling program to your audience is enormous when there are hundreds of dazzling things on display.
Refrain from doing so.

There are two reasons for this:

You won’t generate money if your offerings aren’t a suitable fit for your audience. You’ll eventually become disheartened and blame the ClickBank experts for “guiding” you astray.

Offers that don’t resonate with your audience will wear them down. They’ll develop ‘offer blindness’. They won’t respond to future offers. Ultimately, they’ll stop trusting you.

Only participate in programs that will benefit your audience.

It is in everyone’s best interests.

Your audience will appreciate you for recommending fantastic stuff.
You’ll be able to earn more money.

4. Create an evergreen YouTube funnel

Email marketing (sending emails to your list), social media promotion (tweeting or sharing your affiliate links), and SEO is the most common ClickBank affiliate marketing tactics (creating top-notch content around your affiliate product and getting it to rank on Google).

But there’s one area that most e-commerce experts overlook: video. YouTube, in particular.

Smart marketers use YouTube, the world’s second most popular search engine, to create a high-converting ClickBank funnel.

Here’s how to do it:

Choose the best product to market.
On YouTube, look for popular product-related content.
Examine the material to see why it is so popular.
Make similar videos on your own YouTube channel.
In your video, include a link to the product. As the money comes in like clockwork, keep an eye on it.
Do you want to see a real-life example? Check out this review of The Flat Belly Fix, a popular ClickBank product.


As you can expect, the scope of this method is slightly wider than that of ClickBank. ClickBank is an excellent, easy location to start supplementing Adsense or Amazon money with genuine sales.

If you can make it work, you’ll make a lot more money.

If you want to look at other affiliate networks, we have an article with ClickBank alternatives, or you can read our in-depth ClickBank review.

This may be used in other affiliate programs or even to market your items. However, keep in mind that deals are sometimes occasionally withdrawn. If this happens, make sure you have a backup offer (or are prepared to build one yourself).

I hope that this guide motivated you to break free from the “easy” monetization approaches and shown that you can establish a long-term property, be viewed as a value adder, and yet profit from Clickbank. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. You are also welcome to communicate with us. For the best internet marketing services get in touch with Nummero best digital marketing company in Bangalore.