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When Instagram Stories initially debuted a few years ago, I didn’t think much of them.
Why would people be interested in content that is only available for 24 hours?
And why would brands want to construct them,
If they were only going to be around for a short time?
I was mistaken. Stories have become one of the most popular social media features.
Spreading from Instagram to Facebook, and now even YouTube.
Social Media Stories are undeniably changing the face of social media, and when handled correctly.
They can have a big impact on a brand.
Let’s take a look at how this works and what it means for marketers.
What Exactly Are Social Media Stories?

The Internet of Things Social Media Stories is mobile, full-screen.
Vertical movies and photographs that display outside of your regular feed and disappear after 24 hours.
They are only transitory, with one exception:
They can be arranged into collections on some apps, such as Instagram, for later viewing.
Although Social Media Stories can save, the transient nature of the information.
Provides a sense of scarcity that encourages users to stay up to date.
They don’t want to miss anything their favorite businesses have to say.
So if you have committed followers who adore your content.
Stories allow you to give them more of it in a format that pushes them to view and participate before it disappears–possibly forever.
Why They’re So Popular & How They’re Changing the Social Landscape

Social Media Stories are mobile-first features that are designed for and created on mobile devices.
According to a recent Statista survey.
Smartphone consumers access social media apps considerably more frequently than any other device.
The percentage of users who use apps with Stories functionality is as follows:
• Facebook has 76 percent of the market.
• 83 percent on Instagram
• 87 percent on Snapchat
• 76 percent on YouTube
Stories are shaping up to be a terrific source of increased brand visibility.
More than 500 million of Instagram’s approximately 1 billion active monthly users utilize Stories daily.
According to Social-Bakers, Stories account for 19% of brand Instagram impressions.
A figure that is certain to expand as the popularity of Stories develops.
According to recent data from Vid-Mob’s State of Social Video report, more than 70% of Instagram users watch Stories daily.
Stories are extremely popular, thanks in part to their immersive and engaging nature.
You may use app-specific lenses, animations, stickers.
And even music to add flair to your photographs and live broadcasts, giving visitors a look into your day.
Instagram also contains interactive elements such as lists, poll questions, polls.
And even a prompt that allows other users to ask you questions.
This gives you a plethora of options for keeping your audience engaged.
Overall, Social Media Stories bring an extra degree of transparency and authenticity.
To the online brand experience–attributes that millennial and generation Z customers expect from brands and influencers these days.
It is considerably more difficult to arrange the perfect-looking Story.
And this reality encourages a more informal approach that reveals more of who you truly are to your audience.
The short, rapid nature of Stories is redefining the landscape of social video consumption.
And changing the way we consume social media. Viewers consume Stories in large numbers.
Thus including a large amount of Story content is quite acceptable.
The key to Stories’ success is to share frequently and frequently.
So don’t be scared to develop a plethora of content.
The immediate and fleeting nature of Stories entices people to observe.
Interact with, and be a part of a moment in time that will not last forever.
Viewers are more likely to look for Stories content and participate when they see it.
Because they don’t want to miss anything from their favorite brands and influencers.

Surprisingly, social media Stories are here to stay.
They are actively becoming more significant in usage for both organizations and users.
Therefore you must adjust today and begin implementing new, scalable video into your plan as soon as possible.
You will be left behind if you do not.
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