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Lockdowns and quarantines have become household terms.

So,In the uncertainty, we long to return to those carefree days.

So,Work-from-home opportunities, contactless purchasing,

and internet communication, on the other hand,

have altered the way we live these days.

So,These anomalies have heightened our

vigilance as we acclimate to the quarantine economy.

In India, the lockdown has been lifted in several states,

allowing individuals to reopen their

establishments and resume their commercial operations.

However, it is noteworthy to note that the digital has held up well,

allowing individuals to acquire their necessities

online without difficulty.

While many small companies and brands

have begun to reopen their doors,

the demand for sensible marketing tactics,

both online and offline, is increasing.

Businesses must understand how digital marketing

tactics may drive more customers to their

physical and online establishments.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing approach

that evolves in tandem with changing customer


Let’s look at how we can leverage internet channels

to reach your markets in this article.

Maximize your foot traffic with Geo-specific campaigns

Do you want to learn how to boost foot

traffic to your physical store?

Ads can selected by your advertisers

based on their geographic area.

You may use this sort of advertising to

reach out to local prospects.

Radius targeting is more exact,

allowing you to target your customers in a specific place.

To be effective with geo-targeting advertisements,

you must target the appropriate location with

the appropriate content at the appropriate time.

Localized advertising is ideal for

small firms with a limited number of locations.

An optimized paid search strategy is the most effective way to boost ROI.

To get the most out of your next marketing campaign,

employ advertising channels such as Facebook,

Google, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Consider running personalized campaigns

It is critical to realize that geography and language

are the primary determinants of why search results differ.

They are both considerably more powerful.

It would be preferable to run advertisements that

display when people search

for “near me” followed by a kind of company.

You must include your company name

and address so that Google can establish

where your firm is situated.

You may even request that your consumers

“Write a Review”

and provide star ratings regarding

the quality of your business.

Optimizing keywords for organic ranking

will bring consistent foot traffic to your business,

resulting in long-term advantages.

How to make use of Google My Business (GMB)?


Even though you own a physical shop,

your consumers and prospects are online.

They are likely to look up your organization,

product, or service online.

Make yourself discoverable.

If you are searching for foot traffic or online traffic,

customers will go to Google.

What exactly does GMB do?

If your company included in Google My Business,

it will be easier for people to find you on

Google Search and Google Maps.

So,It provides comprehensive information about your company,

such as where and how to visit your shop,

whether you have a website or a physical address,

all at no cost to you.

It also improves your local SEO,

guaranteeing that you obtain the best results.

Furthermore, you may publish updates

to announce that you have re-opened your business,

which is a useful tool during emergency scenarios like COVID-19.

Online advertising with Google Adwords Express

to get more exposure

Customers may locate your company through

advertisements on Google search

and Google Maps when you use Google Ad-Words Express.

With a lesser budget, your marketers

may design a basic ad campaign.

To utilize Google Ads Express,

you must have a Google My Business Page.

When consumers in your area search for items or services,

your advertising can appear next to the search results,

along with your company location,

phone number, and an ad symbol,

displaying your message.


So,These online-offline marketing tactics

may help businesses create strong consumer ties

and drive performance.

Though these internet techniques are effective,

conventional marketing approaches

such as flyers, brochures, and face-to-face interaction,

as well as print advertisements, should not be

overlooked since they create credibility

and are a hidden weapon for interactive and skill-full marketing.

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