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Facebook launched in 2004, and it only took 15 years

for its user base to expand from 0 to 2.2 billion.

Twitter followed two years later and now


has over 330 million active accounts.

WhatsApp and Instagram’s stories are even more


since they both launched roughly 5 years after

Facebook yet swiftly grew

to 1.5 billion and 1 billion users, respectively, in less

than a decade.

Because, social media is so popular, Statista predicts that the

worldwide number of social media users will surpass

3.02 billion by 2020,

So, that number will only grow from there.

If the internet was a necessary dish, social media

rapidly became its major component.

So,The top platforms provided consumers with everything

they want,

and their popularity is unsurprising.

However, like with any meal, it is only beneficial in

small amounts,

and excessive intake will inevitably result in a health disaster.

Thus, our modern society is at a crossroads,

with social media having both positive

and negative effects, and it is up to us to determine

which way we want to go.

However, such a decision necessitates knowledge,

which is what this essay is all about.

So, you may put social media under the microscope,

assess its societal influence,

and make an informed choice about

how much power you want to give these platforms.

Let’s start with the positives and leave the bad for later.
The merits of social media


It has stayed true to its name – social

Human beings are social beings.

Regardless of physical borders or detectable distances,

our species have always found a way to engage with one another.

We did not hesitate to give social media a place in our

life when it brought us closer,

streamlined communication, and eliminated

international barriers.

Connectivity has become more widespread as a result of social media.

So,we can keep in touch at all times, no matter where we

are, and successfully meet our social requirements.

On this front, no other form of contact can compete with social media.

More freedom to express

With the power of social media, governments have

been established and deposed.

Social concerns more easily brought to the surface.

No expression, no thought, goes ignored any longer,

and everyone now can express themselves.

People now can alter things thanks to social media,

which has successfully abolished tyranny at all levels.

Every figure of authority, whether in business or


must now be on alert as so-called netizens enjoy

newfound freedom of speech.

The demerits of social media

There is, in fact, a word for this situation:

social media-induced depression.

Platforms have consistently created a significant gap in

our expectations.

A distorted image or a brief joyful period in someone’s


life leads us to envision a reality that does not exist.

So, we walk out into the world and face life,

the expectational gap increases our degrees of


So,We desire to live someone else’s life,

to pursue an overhyped career or way of life.

All the while, we disregard our reality and remain



So,Nobody can do it for us.

No one can tell us that we must entirely abandon social


it is simply not feasible.

It is up to us to decide how we want to accept it,

perhaps succumbing to the demerits at times but soon

returning to the merits.

Social media has the power to transform the world


make it a better place to live.

But only if we decide to utilize it properly.

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