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What distinguishes any social network is the sort of information produced, how it produced, and why it produced.

Consumers share a wide range of material on various social networks for several reasons.

And as social media platforms evolve, so does what we share.

Snapchat and TikTok have been major drivers of these changes.

In a January interview, Snap CEO Evan Spiegal asked what he thought about TikTok.

In a refreshingly candid response, he stated that he “loves TikTok” and is a “huge fan.”

He went on to explain how he views TikTok

as a technological platform in comparison to other social networks.

He considers the social technology category to have three levels in a pyramid.

  • Communication — Higher frequency of self-expression, chatting to friends, and close connections.
    This is where Snapchat and Messenger are located.
  • Status – Showing people who you are, that you’re awesome, receiving likes and comments, occurring less frequently than conversation.
    Instagram is the finest illustration in this case.
  • Talent – Creating media to entertain others, with a lesser frequency and a higher output.
    Consider TikTok and YouTube.

As you move up the pyramid, the time and energy required to create content increases,

but the frequency with which it created decreases.

On Snapchat, sending a simple image, video, or text message is simple.

It does not need much work.

There are minimal mental impediments.

It’s considerably more difficult to master a TikTok

dance or devote the time required for a more polished YouTube video.

According to Spiegal, the attraction of Status material is more restricted since

“people only do something ‘cool’ once a week or once a month, not necessarily every day.”

Another essential feature of this pyramid is the content creator-to-content-consumer ratio.

Everyone at the bottom of the pyramid generates and consumes almost equally.

As you move up the pyramid,

the potential audience grows while the number of individuals generating content shrinks.

Most customers want a more laid-back experience when it comes to talent social networks.

While communication platforms are leaning in, social platforms are leaning in.

There is more debate and participation.


Listening is more than just monitoring your online reputation; it also entails planning to act.

Responding is a key activity in the Social Media Pyramid.

Responding or commenting comes in a variety of forms and sizes.

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