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SEO tools give statistics and warnings regarding your website’s general health and success. 

They assist in identifying areas of potential as well as limitations or concerns that may be impeding your ability to rank and acquire awareness in the SERPs.

Nothing beats a surprise Google algorithm tweak to leave you feeling both perplexed and frightened. 

It appears that search engines like Google wait for you to have all of your ducks in a row before unleashing an upgrade that renders your efforts outdated.

Furthermore, there is still some mystery around how Google analyses websites and selects which sites appear — and how they appear — on search engine results pages (SERPs) for certain queries.

SEO Tools for Free


These tools are free to use, however, there may be a premium alternative with more capabilities. 

We’ve highlighted some of the finest aspects of each tool, as well as how you can use them to boost your SEO approach.

Google Search Console is number one.


Google Search Console provides a variety of tools to assist you in appearing in the SERPs for the search keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for.

If you’re a business owner or an SEO on your marketing team, Search Console can help you undertake initial SEO research from scratch or upgrade your current SEO strategy with new keywords.

Google Search Console analyses, debug, and optimizes your website – and you don’t have to be a coder to use it.

Here are some examples of website features that Google Search Console will inform you about and assist you with optimizing:

Keywords: Discover which keywords your pages are presently ranking for.

Crawl Issues: Locate any crawl errors on your website.

Mobile Responsiveness: Determine how mobile-friendly your website is and look for ways to improve your consumers’ mobile experience.

Google Index: Check to see how many of your web pages are in Google’s index (if they aren’t, you may use the tool’s URL Inspection Tool to submit a website for indexing).

Analytics and Metrics: The website metrics that are most important to you, such as clicks, impressions, average click-through rate (CTR), and average position.

Analytics by Google


Although Google Analytics has a premium version, the free version can assist you to manage your website’s SEO – especially if you combine Google Analytics with Google Search Console. 

As a result, all of your website’s SEO data will be centralized and aggregated, and you will be able to utilize queries to find areas for improvement with the keywords and phrases that you want your website and web pages to rank for.

You can also utilize the free version of Google Analytics to better analyze and enhance your SEO by doing the following:

Filtering your referral traffic: Remove traffic that has the potential to sabotage SEO reports, such as fraudulent traffic.

When comparing organic to non-organic website traffic, consider the following: 

Recognize the sources of your visitors and improve those channels to generate traffic.

Establish engagement metrics

Use Site Content Reports to determine engagement metrics for each web page, engagement metrics for your website’s directories and pages, page departure metrics, and acquisition, behavior, and conversion of landing pages.

Examine the Assisted Conversions function in the Multi-Channel Report

Determine which of your channels resulted in the greatest conversions and the value they offer to your company.

Free SEO Report Card from UpCity


UpCity’s Free SEO Report Card allows you to assess your website to see how it compares to the competition.

In return for your email address and a few data points, SEO Report Card will provide you with a report that includes the following information:

Rank Analysis: A glimpse of your website’s position on the most major search engines.

Link Building: A thorough breakdown of the number of websites that link back to yours.

On-Site Analysis: Examine how well you did in implementing your core keyword across your site.

Website Accessibility: Information regarding the load time and accessibility of your website.

Trust Metrics: An overview of the degree of trust or authority on your site.

Current Indexing: The number of times your site’s pages have been indexed.

Internet Marketing Ninjas


Internet Marketing Ninjas is an SEO-focused firm that offers several free tools for comparing your website to the competition, optimizing web pages for certain keywords, creating meta tags, and increasing organic traffic to your website.

Here are some examples of free Internet Marketing Ninja SEO tools you may use:

Tool for detecting broken links

Identify broken links and redirects, and then utilize the site crawl tool to create an XML sitemap for your website.

Metadata for images

Examine all of your page links (external, internal, and so on) on your web pages to see what’s functioning well and what’s broken or needs to be updated.

On-page optimization software: 

Use this to assess the content of your web pages, meta information, and internal linkages.

A side-by-side comparison of

Compare the SEO of your web pages to the SEO of your competitors’ web pages.

Page load time: Examine page load time and how long it takes for each component of a web page to completely show.

Bing Webmaster


Microsoft Bing Webmaster provides access to a variety of tools that provide insight into your website, including reporting, diagnostic, and SEO tools. 

The free SEO tools can help you examine your website, manage backlinks, and review keywords to ensure your site is well-optimized for organic search.

Other things you can perform using Bing Webmaster’s SEO tools include:

See the following backlink profiles

Understand your backlink profile by learning about referring pages, domains, and anchor links.

Conduct keyword research

Determine the keywords and phrases your target audience is looking for, as well as the number of searches for those keywords and phrases.

Make use of the site scanning feature

Crawl your website for technical SEO flaws.

Obtain SEO reports

Examine your website and individual site pages for any mistakes.

Google Trends


Traditional SEO tools, such as those we’ve already described, are excellent for performing research and audits when your company is already well-established. 

But what if you’re establishing a new firm and want to discover what prominent sectors, themes, and concepts are being investigated? 

Google Trends is an excellent resource for uncovering the untapped potential that might result in a vast keyword landscape for your website.

You should be aware that Google Trends does not provide detailed data. 

This tool works best when used as a compass to guide your SEO strategy and then paired with a more sophisticated program.

Here are some things to check for in Google Trends:

Trends: Look for global trends in specific nations or areas.

Popular individuals and long-tail keywords: Look for popular persons and long-tail keywords connected to them.

Trends across time can be compared and contrasted.



It is a free site crawling, log analysis and SEO tool that assists you in determining how search engines such as Google perceive your website. 

Seolyzer uses information left in your server’s log files by crawling bots while surfing your site to discover and build SEO KPIs. 

In addition, the program detects error codes, redirects, and page speed performance.

Seolyzer can also assist you with:

Keep track of SEO issues

Determine bad response time, error messages, and crawl volume so that you may address problems before they do major damage.

Manage your specific KPIs

Examine page performance, crawl volume, HTTP status codes, current and new pages, and responsiveness on desktop versus mobile devices.

Web page segmentation

Determine which of your pages are the most often crawled.

Compare the following web pages

Examine what Google considers to be the most significant to the sites that are critical to your company’s bottom line.

Analyze the SEO impact

Understand the effect of your SEO efforts on a page-by-page or category-by-category basis.



SEOquake is a free Google Chrome plugin that examines a web page’s SEO characteristics automatically. 

On-page SEO audits, internal and external link evaluations, real-time URL and domain comparison, and data file export are all part of this service.

SEOquake may also be used for the following tasks:

Link Analysis: Using the Link Examiner function, you may get a thorough analysis of how all of your links are doing, including URLs, anchor text, and other link categories.

Concentrate on the most important metrics

Adjust the SEOquake reports you receive to show only the parameters and stats that are important to you.

Examine the SEO of your website

Identify any SEO-related flaws that search engines might discover.

Inform stakeholders about your findings

Export your SEO analysis results into a customizable and shared report.



Seobility is a free SEO auditing tool

It allows you to test your website’s compliance with today’s SEO rules. 

By just inputting your URL, your website will be examined and you will receive recommendations on how to improve its performance.

You’ll get 1,000 subpage assessments, email reports and alerts, and keyword tracking in addition to a complete SEO audit of your website.

Here are some more benefits of adopting Seobility:

Find technological flaws

Resolve on-page SEO problems as soon as possible to regain lost traffic and avoid future traffic declines.

SEO scoring accuracy

Receive an SEO score that takes into consideration a variety of website variables such as meta-information, page quality, link structure, and more.

Analysis of meta-data

Recognize particular SEO concerns with your meta information, such as meta titles/descriptions,

meta tags, and invalid or inaccurate domain names or page URLs.

Opportunities for optimization

Determine areas for improvement in your page speed and quality

(related to text, duplicate content, responsive design, and alt attributes for content).

Suggestions for link structure

Learn how to enhance your page and link structure

by gathering data about your headers, internal links, and erroneous anchor text.

Fixes for server errors

Determine particular server issues associated with any redirects, HTTP headers, or CSS and Javascript files.



Now that you’ve learned about some of the top free and paid SEO tools on the market,

choose the one that will help you reach your SEO objectives and begin auditing, optimizing,

and monitoring your website, individual web pages, and content.

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