The Value of Product-Market Fit - Nummero

As digital marketers, we may become so engrossed in lead generation efforts

that we lose sight of the product-market fit.

Creating leads is not a difficult task.

If you have a large enough budget, anyone can create leads.

The most important question is how we will fund the lead-generating efforts.

It makes no difference if you are employing organic lead-generating tactics that you believe are “free.”

Even the ostensibly free techniques necessitate the creation of content,

which will eventually draw organic visitors.

The only way to ensure that your lead generation

efforts continue to run is to ensure that the leads are converting.

The standard system is to create leads, nurture them through a marketing sequence,

and then close the prospects through sales webinars or sales calls.

The possibilities of the sales process bringing in sales,

on the other hand, are entirely reliant on

the product-market fit of the product that you have.

No number of lead-generating initiatives will be able to compensate for a poor product-market fit.

However, if you have a solid product-market fit

and a large enough market,

you may expand your lead generation efforts to the moon.

So your next question is likely to be,

“How can I obtain a strong product-market fit?”

A good product-market fit is accomplished by ensuring

that you understand your consumers so well t

hat you are aware of their requirements, wants, and desires even better than they are.

This involves actions such as spending time with consumers in

the community and assisting them with their questions.

If you have a tiny tribe, the members will give you a good sense of what they desire.

And if you discover a gap in the market, you may fill it with your product.

If your product-market fit is excellent, you won’t even need to hard-sell your items and services.

Simply inform your leads that your product is out on the market, and the sale will take care of itself.

You may even meet your tribe members offline (as long as it is safe) and have 1-on-1 calls with your leads.
You don’t need to do anything if you’re getting 1,000s of leads every day.

However, you can only reach 1000s of leads each day if you understand the consumer so well that you have a flawless product-market fit as well as a marketing-market fit.

Only through speaking to their wants and desires can your marketing message resonates with the world’s audience.

Otherwise, you’ll be yelling and no one will hear you.


Once you’ve gotten the method to operate on a small scale, expanding it to a larger scale
is as simple as adding zeroes to your marketing budget.

Create a marketing funnel that is so efficient that if you 10x your daily budget,
your income increases by 10x with no leakage in the system’s efficiency.

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