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Social media has become a part of our everyday life;

we use it so frequently that it has become a part of our routine.

So,Facebook is the most popular social networking site of all time.

It used to link users with their friends, family, job colleagues,

and even strangers.

People may use Facebook to share photos, movies,

music, articles, their ideas and alternatives, and much more.

For years, Facebook has been a wonderful marketing tool for businesses and brands,

but the platform’s organic reach has dropped in recent years.

But don’t worry, Facebook is still one of the most

powerful social media marketing tools available!

How Many People Use Facebook?


As of 2021, Facebook had about 2.8 billion active monthly users.

It has attracted the attention of marketers all around

the world after reaching a large audience in the last few years.

Facebook has about 1.84 billion daily users, implying a new potential audience for businesses and brands.

Facebook was created in 2004 and has grown

tremendously in popularity since then, particularly in terms of marketing.

2. Facebook – The Top Tier of Social Media

Social networking sites that created after Facebook have grown extremely popular

with users, yet Facebook has remained unrivaled.

Despite presence of several powerful competitors such as Twitter,

Instagram, Snapchat, and others, Facebook remains the undisputed leader!

In comparison to all other social media sites, Facebook has the most daily active members.

Facebook has been able to sustain its user growth by adapting to their demands,

such as adding the option to publish reels, sharing daily tales, and even live videos.

Facebook has developed significantly during the last few years, adapting to new developments and trends.

3. Facebook Advertising Revenue

Marketers have used Facebook’s huge reach
and popularity to market brands and companies to their target audiences.

Ads generate the majority of Facebook’s revenue.

So,In 2020, Facebook’s ad income expected to be close to $84.2 billion.

4. Businesses and Brands Use Facebook A Lot!

Facebook is an excellent platform for marketing your company or brand.

So,More than 90 million small businesses are engaged on Facebook.

Businesses may utilize Facebook’s capabilities to advertise their brand.

One of the most popular features on the Facebook Page is a place where companies may publish

information such as their address,

contact information, goods, and descriptions of services they provide.

Brands may use this tool to boost their internet presence and reach a larger audience.

Businesses may use Facebook Pages to reach out to huge groups, create an audience,

and interact with new consumers or individuals who are interested in their brand.

5. Who Prefers to Use Facebook?

Facebook utilized by people of all ages.

The majority of Facebook users are young adults.

These young people are part of the Millennial and Generation Z age groups.

Other social media sites, such as Snapchat and Instagram,

have grown in popularity over the years, but Facebook

remains popular among Millennials and Generation Z.


Facebook is still relevant.

it is more relevant than ever!

As a business owner, you must include Facebook in your digital strategy.

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