Top 5 Reasons You Should Use a Staffing Agency | Nummero

You might be wondering if hiring a staffing agency is the right option for your company as a business owner. There are many benefits of working with a reliable recruiting agency, whether you are looking for direct hire or temporary talent. Here are some benefits to consider if you’re thinking of working with a recruiting agency or recruitment company for the first time:

We have vast networks of skilled candidates

Staffing agencies will help you constructively locate workers. We use networks of both active and passive applicants from our talent networks at Nummero Staffing to ensure you get the best employees possible. We have recruiters in different locations searching for the right applicants to meet your needs.

You will save time

According to Glassdoor, the time spent posting the work, checking resumes, and arranging interviews amounts to approximately 22 days. When you delegate these responsibilities to a staffing agency, you free up time to focus on your business while leaving the hiring process in the hands of experts.

You will save money

The total cost of a new hire, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, is over $57,967.88. When you factor in the overtime that other workers worked during the position’s vacancy, as well as the costs of hiring and screening, and testing, the figure grows exponentially.
Using a staffing agency can help businesses save money and time by reducing the costs of recruiting, screening, and hiring new workers.

You have a guaranteed hire

84 percent of new employees fail to meet their employer’s needs. You want a recruit to live up to your standards because you’ve invested your time and resources in them. Staffing agencies understand how to select applicants that are a good match in terms of both expertise and community.

You get to try before you buy

You should make the individual work temporarily first with staffing agencies. This gives you time to assess the candidate’s success and determine whether or not they would fit. If neither the employer nor the employee believes this is the right fit, the job remains temporary rather than permanent. We want the fit to be perfect, and both parties to be satisfied with their work situation


Companies will concentrate more on your company with the help of staffing agencies. By offering temporary staffing solutions that help your company expand, we give you more flexibility in terms of staffing. At Nummero, we have exceptional service that will alleviate your work search tension!