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Firefox add-Ons has a plethora of plugins and add-ons that can be extremely useful to users. It is possible to perform a plugin scan. Add-ons (small programs that improve the functionality of a web browser) will customize your browser to help you do anything from uploading files to speed dialing your favorite websites… Aside from its stability and unhackability, one of the best things I like about Firefox is how it’s constantly being updated and improved by “add-on” features.

Google toolbar

Since you can’t stop running into the Google search engine when browsing the internet, it’s a good idea to keep it on hand at all times. If you install this add-on on your Firefox browser, you’ll have access to a range of Google resources, including Google search and the page rank checker.


This one is for preventing flash animation from appearing on the page you’re on, particularly if it’s an annoying ad that you can’t avoid. If it is, however, something worth your time, you can display it by pressing the button that appears right where the flash animation should be. And it avoids a lot of traffic.


Another useful add-on for Firefox. In general, all material on the internet can be divided into two categories: that which you need and seek, and that which is unrelated to your web search. However, there is a third category that consists of monstrous ad banners that can appear anywhere on the internet and at any time, often right in the middle of the text you are reading, completely disrupting the text continuity. Many irritating advertisements that you can encounter while browsing the web are blocked by AdBlock.

Download manager tweak

When the download process starts in a pop-up window, it’s not very fun. Instead of opening a new window, which is inconvenient in most situations, this add-on enables you to open the download manager in a new tab. It is, however, not important for your browser’s efficiency, so it is ranked last.

Handy Password toolbar

The handy Password toolbar automates the filling out of various web forms. If you have a lot of web accounts with logins and passwords to fill in, it will automatically fill in all of those fields with your details. It can also remember and maintain all of your passwords, as well as create safe passwords for you. In short, using this Firefox add-on eliminates the need to recall or upload any logins or passwords, as well as the need to manually fill out lengthy web forms. This is a fantastic one!


Another great Firefox add-on is Greasemonkey, which allows you to install ‘mini-add-ons,’ which are tiny scripts that alter the way you view or use a website and are created by Greasemonkey users. There are small scripts for almost every website out there; while not all of them are useful, you’re sure to find one or two that you want for your favorite pages.


If you’re a web designer or developer, you’ll love using the Firefox browser if you know about the awesome extensions we mentioned in this post. Connect with Nummero for the best web design services.