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Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns?

In an increasingly competitive environment, you want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck with your advertising dollars. 

However, with new Pay-Per-Click (PPC) techniques developing all the time, it can be difficult to determine which ones to pay attention to.

Don’t be concerned; Nummero has your back! 

Continue reading for a list of the top PPC techniques to apply in 2022 and beyond.

1. Automated PPC


PPC automation has developed as an effective means of improving campaign performance. 

Companies like Google have spent a lot of money fleshing out their automated solutions.

To get the most out of PPC automation, you must help the algorithms work for you and support the robots in their learning. 

Set up precise and efficient conversion tracking and produce excellent ad text. 

Make a list of target audiences and keywords.

Give the machines a lot of work and you’ll save time and money. 

You don’t want to be fully hands-off, even if you’re automating a lot of the labor. 

There have been advancements, but not every choice is beneficial to your company. 

Automation, with some hands-on control, may free up your time, allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere.

2. Smart Bidding’s Evolution


Smart Bidding is an automated bidding system that is managed by machine learning. 

It optimizes conversions and conversion values in auctions using machine learning. 

Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), and Target Return on Advertising Spend are a few examples (ROAS).

As we approach 2022, smart bidding will only get more strong, and methods based on it will become more common. 

We could even see manual bidding becoming a thing of the past! 

This will not be a negative thing because it would allow marketers to concentrate on issues such as analytics and strategy.

3. The Entry of Amazon into Paid Advertising


While Google and Facebook continue to dominate paid advertising, Amazon is closing upon them. 

They are presently the third-largest and fastest-growing marketer in the world. 

Amazon advertisements are presented both on and off Amazon, which has increased their appeal among online shops.

Another reason they’ve become more popular? 

Buyer motivation. 

It is their most significant competitive edge against Facebook and Google.

Although Facebook and Google have the greatest audiences, consumers aren’t generally seeking to buy something. 

This might result in poorer conversion rates on these platforms when compared to Amazon’s apparent buyer intent. 

This implies you may be spending more money for less.

4. Participating in Social Activities


Around 70% of individuals check at least one social media network once a month, and this figure is rising. 

You’re missing out if you don’t use social media in your PPC campaigns.

Most individuals use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest regularly. 

Many of these categories, particularly younger individuals, use numerous platforms.

This means that PPC marketers will concentrate their efforts on advertising on social media sites. 

Because the majority of individuals utilize many social media sites, you’ll want to capitalize on this multi-platform trend. 

Although Facebook and Google continue to be the bread and butter of paid advertising, you should try to broaden your horizons in 2021.

5. Audience Segmentation


The option to add target audiences is one of Google Ads’ most recent capabilities. 

This narrows down who will see your adverts. 

Using this tool helps you to get the most out of your advertising money.

Audience targeting allows you to target your product based on factors such as age group or family income. 

You may even customize ad choices to exclude viewers who you believe will not be interested in your service. 

For example, if you sell exquisite jewelry, you may exclude customers with annual earnings of less than $100,000 since they are less likely to spend a lot of money on a necklace or earrings.

The most recent Google Ads changes also enables advertisers to overlay audiences on top of one another. 

This means you can combine keyword targeting and demographic targeting to generate highly relevant adverts.

6. Video Ads on the Bumper


When it comes to mobile content, video reigns supreme and will continue to do so in 2022. 

Search engine marketers that lack video experience are falling behind those who do. 

Video advertising is excellent for increasing business reach, visual appeal, and is reasonably inexpensive.

With the recent advent of YouTube’s bumper machine, Google’s latest video marketing tool, you can convert videos that are less than 90 seconds in length into a variety of bumper advertising suitable for distribution on the YouTube network.

Platforms will push marketers to adapt to new technologies such as Google’s vertical video advertisements. 

Even if you don’t want to pay for video advertising, YouTube and other video hosting sites are great places to direct your search ads.

7. The Ascension of Voice Search


Smart homes and personal assistant speakers like the Google Home and Alexa Dot have exploded in popularity. 

(And don’t forget about Siri!) 

It is expected that by the end of 2021, voice will have originated half of all web searches.

Paid voice search advertising hasn’t yet reached the mainstream, but with technical breakthroughs on the increase, it’s very guaranteed that we’ll see these advancements emerge soon. 

You can get a head start on preparations till then.

Adopting a more conversational tone on your website is an excellent way to get ahead of the competition.

People are more chatty while using voice searches, so you’ll have a better chance of getting a result. 

Updating FAQ pages on your website with ‘long-tail’ keywords is another method to position yourself for success with voice search.

8. An Increase in Visual Searching


Instead of words, an image is used as the search query in a visual search. 

For example, if you snap a photo of a vase you like, the visual search will return links to where you can buy it. 

People expect faster answers than ever before, and visual search helps them obtain exactly what they want faster than typing in something like a “blue vase with painted white flowers.”

While the technology is currently in its early stages, significant breakthroughs might be made by 2022. 

Pinterest and Instagram have already launched products in the visual search space. 

Amazon has also demonstrated the advantages of visual search by collaborating with Snapchat.

Create a picture library of your products and services to remain ahead of this trend. 

Add information to photos to ensure that search engines appropriately categorize them. 

For example, alt text for a photo of a jade green vase maybe “little jade green vase.”

9. Collaborative Filtering


Collaborative filtering is a mechanism for categorizing individuals based on shared interests or preferences. 

If Bob and Sue exhibit comparable reactions to content, they likely have similar tastes. 

Filtering may be based on nearly anything, including age, hobbies, geography, and more, to direct users to material that is most likely to appeal to them.

When you Google anything in another country, you might see this. 

If you are on vacation in the United Kingdom, Google will redirect you to instead of 

When you search, Google checks your IP address.

Collaborative filtering takes things a step further by personalizing your material to your recent likes, browsing history, or hot subjects.

This enables websites to stay entertaining, fresh, and relevant to individual visitors.

10. Remarketing 


Remarketing is just tracking and delivering advertising to people after they leave your site. 

It may be highly targeted and individualized, making it a very powerful marketing strategy. 

Showing individuals adverts for items they’ve already browsed for, whether or not they completed a purchase, tends to result in increased conversions.

Remarketing is the practice of keeping your brand in people’s minds. 

Things have progressed beyond appealing to folks who are not yet ready to buy. 

The emphasis should be on determining where your potential consumers are in the purchasing cycle. 

Then, create customized, targeted adverts to assist them to decide whether or not to convert.

11. Integration of SEO and PPC


PPC and search engine optimization are inextricably linked. 

When you combine your SEO and PPC strategies, you will get greater results. 

This is a universal truth that will hold in 2022 and beyond.

Analyzing your top-performing ad wording is an excellent method to align your PPC and SEO efforts. 

To improve your rating, create content and blog entries based on that text.

Long-tail phrases may be used not just to improve your ranks, but also in paid search bidding methods. 

SEO and PPC integration enable you to target competition keywords by examining PPC Auctions Insights Reports and other tools.



PPC techniques, as you can see, are always developing. 

If you want to remain competitive, your marketing methods must develop as well.

Make certain that you are consistently on the cutting edge of emerging technology and best practices. 

Just because something worked for you last year does not guarantee that it will work as well this year.

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