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You may become obsolete if you do not upgrade your skills in the face of a continuously changing.
the digital world with new innovative methods and creativity.
The employment market, particularly for Digital Marketing Skills.
Is always looking for new methods to solve challenges for businesses.
However, if you are a digital marketer, you may relax.
Learning any of these new abilities in 2021 will make you relevant for the rest of your life!
Your resume will endure the test of time if you are prepared to put in the effort.
And learn how to constantly enhance your digital skills.
1: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In a word, SEO refers to efforts that aim to increase search engine rankings.
Your SEO expertise would be focused on enhancing the visibility of your website in organic search engine results.
Marketers believe SEO is getting more effective.
With 82 percent claiming that efficacy is improving and 42 percent noting that effectiveness is increasing significantly.
Marketing (2016, source)
SEO is my favorite ability, and I get the majority of my traffic from Google.
My favorite aspect is that it covers the majority of Digital Marketing skills.
To make matters worse, it is one of the most important digital marketing skills to learn.
SEO has several components, ranging from the words on your page to how other websites link to yours.
It should be remembered that SEO is more than just creating search engine-friendly web pages.
It is also about making your website more user-friendly.
Some of the necessary skills for a modern SEO Manager include the following.
• A sharp analytical mind
• Strategic viewpoint
• A thorough awareness of best-practice approaches (on-page, off-page, technical SEO, local SEO)
• HTML Coding Fundamentals
• Marketing with Content
• Optimization of Conversion Rates
• Management of Online Brands and Reputations
SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea.
The skill sets stated above are only a small part of the overall picture.
These skill sets are not limited to experts.
Even if you only want to construct a blog or a website, you should master some of these skills.
Possible SEO Job Titles

There are no established parameters or hierarchies in the SEO area.
Companies recruit SEO personnel based on project requirements and, in some cases, your skill level.
Typically, they create their designations, such as;
• SEO Trainee/Junior SEO Executive/Trainee SEO Researcher = These individuals may have some digital marketing skills but have little or no expertise with SEO.
• SEO Executive/ SEO Engineer/ SEO Researcher/ SEO Analyst = These individuals have 2-3 years of SEO experience.
• Sr. SEO Executive/Sr. SEO Consultant/Sr. SEO Researcher/Sr. SEO Analyst = 3–5 years
5 – 6 years of experience as an SEO Team Lead, SEO Manager, or Search Marketing Consultant
More than 6 years as an online marketing specialist, web marketing manager, or digital marketing consultant
2: Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the important digital marketing skills.
I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “content is king.”
This is because the content is an essential component of any digital marketing plan.
How content written has evolved.
Traditionally, content writers were primarily concerned with writing for search engines.
However, in today’s world, you must be able to write in such a way that your reader’s attention span is not too short.
Your content must be engaging and targeted to attract a specific and quantifiable target audience in the population.
And persuade them to take a specific and measurable action.
Such as signing up for a subscription list or making a purchase.
Your primary focus should be on creating and distributing interesting content across several platforms.
What to consider while performing content marketing.
• Blog entries that are both engaging and instructive to segment potential readers
• Podcasts can help with brand recognition and education.
• Lead magnets, social media updates, infographics, and white papers presenting your offers and introducing your firm
• Resources and webinars to educate your audience, as well as polls to assess their preferences
• Customer testimonials and anecdotes persuade prospects to make a purchase choice.
Consider how all of those different pieces of content will work together to move your visitor from awareness to purchase.
This is content marketing in action.
It entails far more than simply creating content.
You must be able to generate and distribute epic resources capable of converting a complete stranger into a buyer.
If you can master content marketing as a subset of digital marketing.
Your service will always be in demand, and you will be able to capitalize on the never-ending potential in the digital marketing sector.
Content Marketing Job Titles

• Brand Journalist

Corporate reporters are another term for brand journalists.
A brand journalist’s role is to create varied multimedia material.
That communicates the value of a company to its customers.
For example, a brand journalist might cover the narrative of a client and how they use a specific company’s product or service.
The tale, on the other hand, would be conveyed in an engaging.
And intriguing manner to attract more leads and convert them into purchasers.
A brand journalist’s job description comprises the following duties:
• Plan development that includes the capacity to simplify content to fit the overall content strategy.
• Creativity entails delivering a range of stories to prospective clients in an engaging manner across several media.
• Highly organized to complete assignments by the deadline. This is critical to keep up with current events and make the intended impression.
Managing Editor

Although comparable to brand journalists, the managing editor is also responsible for scheduling.
Publication, and maintaining the consistency of the company’s content marketing assets.
When it comes to handling day-to-day articles and news.
A managing editor’s job description covers the following duties:
• People, projects, and tasks must all be organized. You must be able to effectively juggle all three roles.
• Adaptability in the face of unforeseen events. For example, if a writer you’re working with misses a deadline, you should be ready to deal with the unexpected and salvage the situation.
• Ability to explain the company’s content goals to the writers you will be working with and guarantee that they met.
Content Marketing Manager

Target audience development, design approval, resource development, and content management are all responsibilities of content marketing managers.
They lead a company’s content staff and ensure that all content assets adhere to the overall marketing strategy.
A content marketing manager’s job description covers the following duties:
• Creativity – While content marketing is partially a science, it also necessitates a creative mind.
• Leadership abilities are important because you will be required to lead a team and work with people of various personalities – strengths and shortcomings
• Project management skills are required to ensure that projects are completed on time and without missing deadlines.
3: Social Media Marketing

Organizations that wish to implement their digital marketing strategies.
Are always looking for someone with social media marketing skills because it will increase their social media presence.
Social media has matured into a strong force.
And businesses want to utilize it to increase brand awareness, traffic to their websites.
Engage directly with target audiences, and improve lead generation and sales.
Although some social media powerhouses, such as hi5, have encountered setbacks.
Social media is still regarded as a game-changer and is here to stay.
You should have a few things up your sleeve, including
• Capability to leverage any platform for content positioning and achieve optimal outcomes.
• Understanding the appropriate audience and knowing what stuff to present to them
• Using the power of industry leaders and influencers to enhance brand awareness for your firm.
• Recognizing your target audience’s pressing requirements and pain spots and developing relevant answers through content and goods.
• Presenting offers in a discreet manner that does not feel obtrusive.
• Creating a strong connection with your audience and a devoted following for your brand.
Social media marketing entails networking, listening, persuading, and, of course, selling.
You must learn how to use various social media networks.
And disseminate your company’s content assets across these channels.
The message, on the other hand, should always be entertaining and easily accessible.
Social Media Marketing Job Titles

Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer is the company’s voice on social media sites such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest.
They are data-driven content curators who present the company’s message on the internet.
They guarantee that channels run smoothly by arranging appropriate content such as graphics, images, and videos.
They aid in determining the organization’s ROI through generating interaction, leads, likes/followers, and revenues for the brand.
The social media marketer’s job description comprises the following duties:
• To be able to develop the correct content across numerous platforms, you must be creative and have an active imagination.
• Create material that is entertaining and conversational, rather than sales.
• Analysis of raw data to identify what steps to go next in order to meet the company’s objectives.
Community Manager

They act as a liaison between the company and its customers.
They also ensure that the organization creates and maintains solid relationships with customers through efficient social media communication.
You will be responsible for moderating online “tribes” focused on the company and its products or services.
If a corporation requires an advocate, the community manager is the person to contact.
Community managers have the following job descriptions:
• Capability to express empathy on behalf of the brand to its community
• Excellent time management skills to ensure proper prioritizing of things that must complete.
Outgoing personality for making deep connections with other team members.
So that they may effectively advocate for clients.
4: Video Marketing Skill

You should captivate an audience’s interest by storytelling.
2 nothing tells a tale better than a video.
Video marketing, a subset of content marketing. Necessitates highly specific skills in generating captivating videos.
That tells your story to your target audience, and this ability will not go out of style anytime soon.
With new tools for generating and sharing interesting videos on sites.
Like YouTube and Facebook, video marketing can be a highly rewarding strategy if used correctly.
And it is a prerequisite for expanding digital marketing skills.
As a Video Marketer, you should be aware of the following:
• You should be able to adapt demos, interviews, testimonials, and various storytelling techniques to match the demands of your target audience.
• Investigate new techniques for delivering the correct type of content via new applications and other channels.
• Ensure that video descriptions and tags are keyword-optimized for search engines.
• Working understanding of video editing and animation production that will continue to tell engaging stories to which anybody may relate.
Video marketing has emerged as one of the most effective digital marketing tactics.
Particularly in 2018, with a record high of 78 percent of people watching videos online (Hubspot).
So, whether it’s visual storytelling to build emotional connections or engagement levels.
With the target audience, video marketing comes to the rescue!
Because of the impact videos have on brand development and sustenance.
It is one of the hottest occupations available online today.
Possible Video Marketing jobs include:

• Video Production Specialist

This role was created as a result of the technical aspects of video marketing.
The production specialist is in charge of guiding, arranging, and facilitating the company’s video concepts.
Preparing a content plan, filming, editing, mixing.
And condensing all aspects of a video, and getting it ready for the target audience are the specific activities.
Video Production Specialist Job Description
• A creative mind capable of transforming abstract thoughts into a visually compelling narrative.
• Charming and personable to bring out the best in even the toughest or uncomfortable footage.
• Highly successful project manager with the capacity to meet tough deadlines.

Companies will always require your knowledge and specialty to fill holes in their digital marketing tactics, regardless of your particular skill set.
What skills do you presently have, and what new skills do you want to add to your CV to increase your chances of landing a job in 2021 and beyond?
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