Twitter’s Fleets Feature:What Businesses Need to Know

On June 8, Twitter India introduced Twitter’s Fleets,’ a feature that allows users to share fleeting thoughts that vanish after a day. Twitter has now introduced a visual aspect to its website, enabling users to express themselves through GIFs, videos, and images.

Since Snapchat’s debut in 2011, the “stories” pattern has been adapted for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Linked In, and now — Twitter’s Fleets.

Fleets, like Instagram Stories, provide a forum for users to share casual, daily thoughts without worrying about their permanence.

The word “Fleets” stands for “fleeting Tweets.” So, what sets them apart from normal Tweets?

Fleets, unlike normal Tweets, vanish after 24 hours and cannot be retweeted, liked, or commented on by the public. Fleets will appear at the top of a user’s home page (similar to Instagram Stories), and anyone with access to your profile will be able to see them.

Users can answer your Fleets with a text-based comment or an emoji if your DMs are available.

So, what does this Mean for Businesses?

Twitteratis will be more inclined to engage on the platform, especially those who are reluctant to share daily (permanent) Tweets. On this microblogging site, brands can use this feature to weave snacky, visual content.
This functionality, just like on other channels, will help brands add a relatability aspect to their Twitter communications.

Brands will create engaging content for this platform as well, using it as a potential distribution channel opportunity. Interacting via direct messaging can also add a more personal touch to the conversation.

It offers brands and content creators more chances to connect with their audiences, add value to their overall content plans, and build a sense of urgency to make a purchasing decision. This feature will assist advertisers in making big announcements, designing interaction marketing campaigns, embracing live events, and implementing a stronger social strategy.

It’s difficult to predict how Fleets will turn out because they’ve just recently been checked. I’m hoping that companies will follow our lead and jump on this trend! One of the biggest social media success stories in recent years has been fleeting material, and Twitter might be able to capitalize on that with Fleets.


We hope you find this Twitter Fleets guide helpful in better promoting your company on Twitter. As new details and features become accessible, we’ll update them. And for the best digital marketing experience, link with Nummero.