According to figures, as of January 2016, Twitter had about 332 million active users. Here’s a list of tips for increasing Twitter interaction among business users.

The world of social media is growing by the day. If a company wants to gain market exposure, it is almost inevitable for them to make its presence felt on social media, But, whether it is Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Social media has such clout that it is estimated that 2.5 billion people (nearly a third of the world’s population) will use one or both of the channels.

With such a large audience, it’s important that businesses and organizations use social media to reach out to their target market. 

Timing your tweets


It’s important to know when your followers are most involved so that you can send tweets directly to them. Tweriod, for example, allows you to analyze both your own and your followers’ messages, providing you with information on when the tweets should hopefully go live. This means that your current users interact with your tweets to the fullest extent possible. Weekend tweeting is another important aspect that can help you expand your scope.

Sharing Images


Your audience will remember graphic images for a long time. It adds excitement to the tweet and piques people’s interest in the text. Images that are both catchy and stand out will quickly increase interaction on any tweet.

Asking for retweet


This is the difficult part. Most Twitter accounts are afraid to ask for retweets, but it’s important to remember that retweets boost your account’s engagement by a factor of ten. But, When you use photos in your tweets, you raise the likelihood of them being retweeted four times. Adding photos and asking for retweets equals increased interaction.

Using Hashtags


When it comes to hashtags, keep in mind that less is better. Tweets with only one hashtag are 33% more likely to be retweeted than those without. Tweets with several hashtags, on the other hand, are 69 percent less likely to be retweeted. Isn’t it a real page-turner?

Number your tweets

The amount of tweets you send out has a huge effect on your level of interaction. If statistics are to be believed, anywhere between 2-4 tweets is optimal if you want to increase your profile’s interaction rate.

Quick response


You must prioritize your followers. Tweets should be replied to quickly, and questions should be satisfactorily answered. This adds a personal touch to your profile, making it more approachable and therefore growing interaction.

Short links


Firstly, Your tweet would be more interactive and insightful if you use short links. Shortlinks will encourage users to spend more time on our account However, they provide more relevant information, making the tweet more interesting.



There is a slew of other ways to improve your Twitter engagement. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Now it’s your turn to log into your Twitter account and put everything we’ve said to the test. We’re optimistic that your brand will benefit from it, and that you’ll find new ways to raise engagement and make the most of it. For more information, contact Nummero, the best digital marketing agency.