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In 2015, India had a total of 277.4 million internet users.

In 2018, this statistic is anticipated to rise to 411.1 million internet users.

The majority of these new Internet users are spread throughout a variety of cities

and villages, primarily using phones and some using other devices.

The traditional reach that was mostly available through radio, television,

and print now has a strong rival in digital platforms.

The sophistication in digital reach, on the other hand, is that you can pay for performance.

So you don’t need to buy a 30-second spot whether or not anyone sees it.

You purchase a 30-second YouTube spot and pay per watch.

This is true for the majority of internet advertising.

In the previous two years, we’ve witnessed a 400% increase in digital marketing inquiries.

We feel that the market has accepted digital marketing as the main channel.

In many cases, spending has shifted from a meagre
5% to, in some cases,

100% of a brand’s marketing is done digitally alone.

The major benefit here, aside from compensation for performance, reaches efficiency.

You can aim a lot better now than you ever could before.

What does it signify for India’s future?

Mobile-First will Matter

Given that many people are encountering the Internet for the first time on a mobile device

A mobile-first strategy will be critical to the success of a variety of initiatives.

Mobile advertising inventory remains significantly less expensive

than desktop inventory and significantly less expensive

Than major media buys such as print or television.

The possibility to use mobile for digital marketing remains enormous,

And I believe Indian marketers are waking up to this reality.

Social Media Engagement & Testing Campaigns

Social media is maturing.

Different media reach enables different demographic targeting.

Instagram’s audience is ideal for fashion and retail,

but Pinterest’s audience is ideal for reaching women.

Importantly, social media provides a genuine “always-on” marketing potential.

Indian consumers have begun actively engaging with brands on social media.

Importantly, social media allows you to test ads before they go national.

Online Video

Video consumption is skyrocketing all around the world, but notably in India.

Creating online video content nowadays

may generate far more interaction than any other type of online material.

Also, why produce a full-fledged

commercial just to discover that the concept failed miserably?

You may develop eight lightweight concepts and make them available online.

The one with the highest level of interaction and “sharing factor” will be broadcast on television.

Made for India & Vernacular Content

When it comes to digital marketing, we are still reproducing

Western ideals on Western-made digital platforms.

Indian innovation for marketing on Indian platforms is still in its early stages.

The direct-mail / SMS business has begun Whatsapp-focused spam operations,

which are mostly used in India.

While this is sad, I anticipate a far higher level of expertise here,

where we should begin to see significant investment in Indian innovation.

This covers both conventional and creative advertising on digital marketing channels

Importantly, reaching the last individual on

the Internet will necessitate a departure from English as well as western marketing concepts.


Because of the expansion of digital marketing, firms like Nummero have been able to transition from digital-only to digital-first.

The future of digital marketing, and hence marketing in India, seems bright.

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