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After a year of tantalizing previews and countless forecasts, Google has finally made Discovery ads available to millions of marketers worldwide.
They’ve mentioned some appealing new benefits, and we’re here to break them down for you.
So, what’s the big deal?
The 2019 Ads Innovation Keynote kicked things off. According to Google, more than three-quarters of consumers appreciate “surprising discoveries” while surfing the web.
Furthermore, 85 percent of all consumers will act within 24 hours of discovering a product or service that satisfies their demands.
In a nutshell, people consistently convert when you provide unique, tailored experiences that anticipate their requirements.
As it turns out, this attention-grabbing, predictive experience is exactly what Google Discovery (and its new advertising feature) offers its users and advertisers.
Are you ready to dive in?
Here’s a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need to know about the new advertising feature, as well as details on how to create and optimize Discovery ads for your own Google Ads campaigns.

What are Google Discovery Ads?

Discovery advertisements combine enticing graphics with powerful audience targeting tools.
To offer a unique ad experience that produces demand rather than waiting for a user to express desire through search.
Google Discovery ad campaigns were initially intended to appear on Google’s Discover app, but have now expanded to run on YouTube and Gmail as well.
Discovery advertising able to deliver relevant and rich material to prospective new customers throughout their purchase experience by extending to various channels.
Google Discovery advertisements optimize for conversions.
And the only bidding techniques accessible at the moment are Maximize Conversions and Target CPA.

What do Google Discovery ads look like?

Google Discovery Ads are similar to Display Ads in that they are intended to be highly visual and engaging.
They are also accessible as carousel advertisements, which allow companies to utilize numerous pictures to entice consumers to engage and interact with them.

Top differences between the Feed and Discover feed

So, what distinguishes Google Discover from its feed predecessor?
In comparison to the Feed, the Discover feed:
• Instead of trending news and topics explicitly followed on the search results page, customized prediction is used to determine the information you view.
• With subject headings and More/Fewer toggles, you may further customize your feed content.
• Has access points other than the Google App
• Machine learning used to customize the Discover feed with both fresh and trending material as well as evergreen content.
Most Important Things You Need to Know About Google Discovery Ads

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about Google Discovery Ads.
As a result, you can devote more time to experimenting with them and developing your firm.

1. They have a unique campaign type

To run Google Discovery ads, you will need to create a completely new campaign type.
But that’s not as bad as it sounds.
Setting up a Discovery Campaign in Google Ads is quite simple, and Google does the majority of the heavy lifting.
In reality, all you have to do is upload your photos, content, and a daily budget; Google will manage bids and placements for you.

2. Different customer intent

Remember how we spoke about Google’s new search strategy?
Because of the change away from query queries and responses and toward customer journeys.
The Discovery audience will have different buyer intent than audience members looking for a specific product or service on the Google search page.
The new ad type is ideal for organizations looking to catch their audience’s attention at critical, early stages of the buyer journey.
It’s critical to understand that your advertising must be tailored to a top-of-funnel target.

3. They can appear beyond the Discover Feed

So, where will Google Discovery advertisements be seen by your target audience?
Google can place Discovery advertisements on the Youtube homepage in addition to the Discover stream.
Gmail promotion and social tabs, as well as the Google home page on the web.
Gmail, YouTube, and Discover Discovery Ads
The appearance of Discovery advertising varies based on where they appear.
Google wants Discovery advertisements to be consistent with the content on each platform.

4. Two separate Discovery ad types

Discovery campaigns include single-image and multi-image carousel advertisements, giving marketers a plethora of options to entice people to interact with their brand across Google domains.
We’re particularly enthusiastic about the carousel ad type, which allows you to showcase numerous items or a sequential tale over additional creative real-estate (up to 15 images/creative).
Furthermore, if Facebook statistics are any indication, carousels may outperform static advertising continuously.

5. You have to follow creative asset guidelines

Discovery is fresh, but not in the wild west sense. Google users want to find material that is both relevant and visually appealing.
And Google has established the ground rules for how marketers must deliver.
How? With high-quality brand graphics that blend into the browsing experience.
We’ll go through this in further depth later.
Discovery advertisements must fulfill various formatting and picture quality criteria in addition to adhering to the Google Ads Policy and Personalized advertising guidelines.

Where do Google Discovery Ads Appear?

Google Discovery ads appear on three main Google properties:
Discover, YouTube, and Gmail are just a few examples.
Discover:- The Discover feed keeps readers up to date on current events, news, and other subjects of interest. Discover has over 800 million monthly users, making it another excellent platform for introducing potential buyers to your company.
YouTube:- Ads from Google Discovery appear in the YouTube Home stream. This is a very prominent position that is perfect for attracting new visitors’ attention.
Gmail:-Displaying Google Discovery advertisements on the Gmail Promotions Tab will allow you to reach new people in their email inbox without being invasive, while yet being distinct enough to stand out from other promotional emails in the same inbox.

How to Set Up Google Discovery Ads

If you’ve previously created a Display campaign using Responsive Search Ads.
You shouldn’t have too much problem creating a Discovery campaign.

The majority of the procedure is the same. The steps are as follows:

1. Understand Key Differences Between Discovery Ads vs Responsive Search Ads

Before we get started on developing Discovery advertisements, let’s go through the distinctions between Discovery and Responsive Search.
Although the variations are slight, they might influence your creative materials.
• On Discovery advertisements, square logos cropped into circles, so make sure you have a suitable version.
• The picture standards for Discovery commercials are significantly tighter. Images that are blurry or improperly cropped will mark for examination. Clickable overlays, such as the “click here” buttons, are not permitted and will be reported.

2. Select Your Discovery Ad Types

Google Discovery advertisements are classified into two types: Discovery Ads and Discovery Carousel Ads.
Ads for Discovery
Discovery advertisements have a single static picture, a headline, and a description.
You must submit several headlines, descriptions, and images so that Google’s AI can test different ad versions and eventually present users with a personalized message.

3. Start a New Campaign and Select a Campaign Goal

Setting up a Discovery Ad is a fairly simple procedure.
To begin, pick “New Campaign” and then choose either Sale, Leads, or Website Traffic as your campaign target.

Benefits of Google Discovery Ads

Let’s take a step back and look at it from the perspective of advertising.
You understand the benefits to the user, but what about Google advertisers? T
The procedure of producing these adverts is straightforward and efficient.
Furthermore, the advertiser, like the consumer, may benefit from Google AI.
It makes the most sense to run this ad to test out a new product or to raise awareness of something.
People are encouraged to “discover” things they may not have known or seen previously.
Because Google AI determines who sees the ad, this is also ideal for retargeting.
As people see more of your advertising, they will get more familiar with your brand, which will increase trust.
• Farther reach with one campaign

You may reach up to three billion individuals each month with a single campaign. This is since
Google discovery advertising does not end with the Google app.
You may also promote yourself on the YouTube homepage, Watch Next, and the Gmail promotions and social tab.
• Utilize more relevant advertising

Google is taking user intent out of your hands and placing it on its own.
The objective is to offer the most meaningful and impactful information to the individuals who are looking for it.
You no longer need to conduct your study to decide what is most relevant because Google AI can do it for you.
• Drive engagement with visually rich ads

The purpose of Google discovery advertising is for you to “discover” new things and get interested in the information and material you find on Google.
One effective method is to use images to pique people’s attention and motivate them to take action. According to Google, 76 percent of consumers love discovering new things when shopping. That appears to be correct!
• Use automated bidding

Choosing your bid is one of the most difficult elements of managing your advertising budget. Google takes care of this for you by optimizing your campaign with optimum conversion bids and target CPA.
Many of us are placing a lot of faith in Google with this advertising, but who better to handle it than Big G?
• Advertise consistently

One of the best aspects of Google discovery campaigns is that your ad will nearly always be relevant to the individuals you reach.
There will be no more testing or guesswork.
Because 85 percent of consumers take action within 24 hours of discovering anything, your ad will remain fresh in their minds if it continues to appear.

3 Tips for Creating Great Google Discovery Ads

As with any form of digital marketing, whether it’s SEO or sponsored advertisements, there are no hard and fast rules.
Here are some pointers to help you move closer to the correct side of the scale:
• Use your best images

These are visual advertisements that need high-quality photographs and graphics.
Nobody is going to want to click on a low-quality image or an evident stock photo.
The image must also pique the viewer’s attention and fascination.
• Limit text in images

The objective of these pictures is not to reveal everything so that the viewer never clicks through.
By limiting the amount of text in the pictures and keeping all of that space for visuals, you’re building a tale that will leave people wondering what’s going on on the other side.
• Build trust right away

Keep in mind that the majority of individuals who encounter these ads have no idea who you are or what your firm is.
You’re meeting them for the first time, and they, like any other newsfeed, may scroll quite rapidly.
You need to establish trust, therefore utilize the text area to qualify yourself, and explain why they should click through.
Google Discovery Ads FAQs

I’ve responded to the query, “What is Google Discovery?”
Let’s now look at some of the other commonly asked questions.

How Much Do Google Discovery Ads Cost?

Google Discovery operates on a cost per view (CPV) basis, therefore you will pay for your advertising in this manner.
When someone interacts with your ad, it counts as a view.
When someone views at least 30 seconds of your video ad, the view is recorded.
The average CPA for Google Ads discovery campaigns is around $12, making it an excellent option for small businesses and marketers to get started with paid advertising.

Where Do Google Discovery Ads Appear?

Google discovery advertisements appear on the Google app homepage, YouTube homepage, Watch Next feed, Gmail promotions and social tabs, and Gmail promotions and social tabs.


Google discovery ads are an excellent method to capitalize on all Google has to offer.
The development of AI has provided a means to make advertising easier.
You may get in touch with Nummero, Bangalore’s top digital marketing agency.