What Exactly Is Pay Per Click (PPC)? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve heard a little bit about PPC marketing and want to learn more, or if you already know you want to utilize PPC to advertise your business but don’t know where to start.
This is the first session at PPC University, a series of three guided courses that will teach you all you need to know about PPC and how to use it to your advantage.
To begin, we must define PPC and have a fundamental grasp of how PPC marketing works. Let’s get started!

What is PPC?

PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click, an online marketing strategy in which advertisers pay a charge each time one of their ads clicked.
It is essentially a method of purchasing visitors to your website rather than attempting to “earn” those views naturally.
One of the most common types of PPC is search engine advertising.
It enables marketers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when a customer searches for a term related to their company offering.

The Basics

PPC is used to achieve a variety of campaign objectives, including:

  • Improving Sales
  • Creating leads
  • Increasing brand awareness

Relevance is everything in PPC marketing. At every given time, users are looking for certain products, services, and information.
Advertisers may offer a tailored ad at the same moment this search is taking place.
For example, if a user searches for “blue running shoes,” an advertiser may display an ad related to “blue running shoes.”
Advertisers may conduct effective PPC ads using both targeting parameters and account structure as long as relevance is prioritized.

Main Platforms

Google Ads

It’s is the largest pay-per-click platform, running on Google, Search Partner sites, and Display Network sites.
Google Ads was first introduced in October 2000 and has gone through numerous revisions in the 17 years afterwards.
Google Ads aimed at businesses of all sizes, from tiny enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising, like Google Advertising, is a pay-per-click platform that displays ads across the Microsoft and Yahoo networks.
Search Partners are also used by the platform. Microsoft Advertising largely focused on keyword advertising.
Microsoft Advertising has 137 million unique desktop searchers on the Bing Network as of 2017.


Working in PPC is fantastic. The search engines seek to maximize their profits.
We are in control of this spend as account managers. Search engines are encouraged to keep budget managers pleased by offering tools to justify increased spending.
Here’s a look at some of the tools that might help you run a successful PPC marketing.

Change History

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising both have change histories.
The change history records previous modifications, such as bid revisions and site link additions.
The information contains the alias or login email that made the change, as well as the date and time of the change.
The history of changes can export.

Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner is a Google Ads tool that use to find and plan your campaigns, keywords, and ad groups.
Approximations of performance data also provided by the tool.
The data in the Keyword Planner may use to determine beginning bids and budgets for your PPC accounts.

Display Planner

The Display Planner is a tool for designing Display Network campaigns.
This tool will generate a list of websites, keywords, themes, and hobbies that your target audience is likely to use.
Thousands of new websites, applications, and video channels recommended by the Display Planner.


This article will get you started in the realm of PPC marketing. It covers everything you’ll need to start or get into as soon as you launch your PPC accounts.
The unofficial slogan of the PPC world, on the other hand, is “always be testing.”
Make sure to experiment with various features and tactics for your account.
Every account is unique, and each will react differently to different features and techniques.
Of course, typical practices exist because they thought to work the best for the majority of accounts, but you’ll never know unless you test.
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