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Native advertising is expected to become a multibillion-dollar

business as more content is created for mobile devices.

It is fast becoming as popular, if not more popular,

than standard display advertising due to its efficacy.

Native advertising  branded material that  tailored to the platform where it appears.

That is, even if your ad shows on a website,

it is designed to fit in with that web site’s style and consistency.

Banner blindness, or when a site visitor disregards site banners, is a major challenge for marketers these days.

According to HubSpot, this typically done to avoid interacting

with an ad that interferes with the user experience.

Another reason people disregard advertising is that they, well, seem like ads.

Native advertising contributes to the solution to this problem;

64 percent of digital display advertisements are now native.

Native advertising platform StackAdapt can assist you with your native advertising initiatives.

In this section, we’ll examine into StackAdapt, how it works, and more.

What is StackAdapt?

StackAdapt is a programmatic advertising platform that uses real-time,

data-driven audience targeting to distribute and promote content.

It provides a variety of ad formats, including display, native, video, and linked TV (CTV).

Through data suppliers such as Acxiom and Bombara, it has access to third-party segments.

This allows you to target people based on their location, industry, job function, and job title.

Because of the scale of their network, targeting capabilities, and ad formats,

you can reach your target audience while they are browsing the web.

When you use StackAdapt, you pick the targeting

parameters, and the ads are subsequently put on the websites that your target audience visits the most.

It’s helpful to employ StackAdapt because it has partnerships with many publications.

There is also the option of white-listed placement,

which allows you to choose which websites your

advertisements appear on, but this limits your reach.

StackAdapt might be a fantastic choice for your brand

if you want to get in front of a focused audience to

increase brand recognition and traffic at a low cost.

How Are Native Ads Different From Display Ads?

Native advertising meant to match the appearance and feel of

the media type in which they appear, whereas display ads  positioned outside the main body of a website.

The site user perceives native advertisements as being a part of the website they are visiting.

Customers are more likely to glance at native advertisements than display ads.

As a result, they have a greater click-through rate (CTR) than display advertising.

Do you remember banner blindness?

According to research, customers  so inundated with advertisements that they quickly tune them out,

preferring instead to just navigate to the page content they desire.

Not only that, but many customers have begun to use ad-blocking software to avoid viewing advertisements.


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