What Is Mobile Marketing and Why Is It So Important?

In this article, you’ll learn how to put together the essential elements of a successful mobile marketing plan that targets the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

In today’s time, mobile-optimized websites and marketing tactics are critical to business success. Your online marketing abilities should include a grasp of the mobile marketing sector to assist strengthen your marketing plans, whether you want to grow the bottom line for your company or boost consumer engagement at numerous interfaces.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

In a word, mobile marketing is the promotion of a brand or business via the use of apps, social media platforms, and websites created for phones and other mobile devices.

Mobile marketing as a marketing strategy allows a company to reach a larger audience than they could if they only focused on desktop digital marketing processes. 67 percent of the purchase process now takes place digitally, Furthermore, according to Flurry, the average American spends almost 5 hours a day on their mobile device.

How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

Advertisements that show on mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices are known as mobile marketing.

Because numerous social media platforms, websites, and mobile applications provide their own unique and personalized mobile ad alternatives, mobile marketing ad formats, customization, and designs might vary.

Why mobile marketing strategies matter

Your company need a mobile marketing plan for the same reason that it needs a computer and access to the internet – this is the age we live in! You’ll see a lot of people with their faces riveted to their phone screens if you go around any large city.

According to recent studies, 40% of internet users spend their time on mobile devices, implying that ignoring the development of mobile is no longer an option.

Here are some more stats about mobile marketing that you might find interesting:

Applications use 80% of mobile device time, with game apps accounting for the majority of that time.

Tablets get used to viewing 70% more web pages than phones.

Retail conversion rates on tablets are 2.2 percent, far better than the 0.7 percent on phones, while traditional PC conversion rates remain at 3.3 percent.

In 2012, mobile searches climbed by 200 percent year over year.

In 2014, mobile is expected to overtake desktop.

Mobile is here to stay, and if predictions hold, it will eventually overtake desktop usage.

If you don’t have a mobile marketing plan in place yet, now is the time to start!

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

You may experiment with a wide range of mobile marketing methods.

Your industry, target audience, and budget will all influence which type is ideal for your company.

App-based marketing

This is a type of mobile advertising that uses mobile applications.

While apps account for 80% of mobile time spent, you don’t have to build one to participate.

Advertisers may use services like Google Ad Mob to produce mobile advertising that shows within third-party mobile apps.

Advertisers may now create ads on the Facebook mobile app.

Because Facebook’s mobile Promoted Post ads blend in so nicely with the news feed, users aren’t even aware they’re looking at advertising.

In-game mobile marketing

Mobile adverts that show within mobile games, such as in the image below, are referred to as in-game mobile marketing.

Banner pop-ups, full-page picture advertising, and even video advertising that show between loading screens are all examples of in-game advertisements.

QR codes

Users scan QR codes to get directed to a specific site. QR codes are frequently associated with mobile games and possess a sense of mystery, as consumers scanning them aren’t always sure which rabbit hole they’re entering.

Location-based marketing

Mobile advertising that shows depending on the user’s location about a certain region or company is known as location-based mobile advertisements.

Some marketers, for example, may only want their mobile advertising to display when consumers are within a one-mile radius of their establishment.

Mobile search ads

These are standard Google search advertising optimized for mobile, with optional extras such as click-to-call or maps.

Mobile image ads

Ads that use images and designed to appear on mobile devices.


Capturing a user’s phone number and sending them text offers is what SMS marketing is all about. This is considered a bit of a throwback.

Mobile Marketing: Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns

Google launched Enhanced Campaigns on July 12 for all Google Ads customers, combining mobile advertising possibilities with traditional web Google Ads advertising (formerly known as Google AdWords).

Instead of creating separate campaigns for mobile and desktop, marketers can use Enhanced Campaigns to manage their Google Ads bids across multiple platforms in a single campaign.

Google marketers may simply utilize their existing Google search advertisements and change their bids for mobile devices.

Users can specify a positive bid adjustment, such as +20 percent, to boost offers for mobile devices, and vice versa – a bid adjustment of -10 percent decreases offers for mobile devices by 10%.

Google has a vested interest in making mobile marketing simple for marketers because mobile advertising brings in a significant amount of income.

Advertisers can easily control bids across devices, locations, and time thanks to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns.

Some advertisers may wish to bid higher for users on mobile devices who are within a specific distance of their store, or only want to bid on mobile devices during their business’s open hours, and Enhanced Campaigns make this possible.

Google Mobile Ad Extensions

When you create mobile search advertisements with Google, you can also make use of the company’s useful mobile ad extensions, which include things like:

Mobile Site Links

Mobile site links allow mobile visitors to quickly get to certain pages on your site without having to navigate around.

Site links are particularly beneficial in mobile marketing since they are significantly more accessible for mobile consumers.

Click-to-Call Mobile Ad Extension

The click-to-call extension adds a “call” button at the bottom of the ad.

The phone number of a company is automatically generated on a user’s mobile device when they click the button.

While this useful ad extension makes it simple for searchers to contact your company and leads users
Through the conversion funnel, it’s important to only have the click-to-call mobile ad extension show when your company is open and ready to take calls.

Google Offers for Mobile

Advertisers may use the Google Offers mobile ad extension to place a discount offer or voucher under their ad.

These unusual incentives may entice users who might otherwise ignore an ad.

Click-to-Download Ad Extension

Instead of generating a phone number, viewers are sent to the download page of the advertiser’s pre-selected app when they click the “download” button on the click-to-download ad extension.

Local Ad Extensions

Given that 1 in 3 mobile searches have a local purpose, local ad extensions are likely the most essential extensions for mobile.

Given the high percentage of mobile searches that are inquiries seeking a local answer, local mobile marketing should be a fundamental component of your mobile strategy.

Mobile Marketing Best Practices

We’ll leave you with a few brief mobile marketing pointers to ensure you get the most out of your mobile marketing.

Be Clear and Concise

Because mobile devices have limited screens, it’s best to utilize words carefully.

Consumers will scroll through advertisements that are dense and congested.

It’s important to keep things simple when it comes to mobile.

Optimize for Local

Keep in mind that 1 out of every 3 mobile searches has a local aim. Mobile devices are frequently used to supplement users’ immediate worldly contacts — where is the closest gas station? Is there a wi-fi-enabled coffee shop nearby? Optimize for local mobile marketing to ensure that you’re answering users’ questions.

Consider Your Audience

The sort of mobile advertisements you utilize should vary influenced by the sort of audience you’re trying to attract. Are they video game players? Then take advantage of in-game advertisements. Are they tech-savvy and young? Mobile Facebook Promoted Posts may have a better chance of catching their attention.

Experiment with Different Strategies

When it comes to mobile marketing, there’s a lot of potential for experimenting.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with ad extensions for your Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns, such as the Google Offers ad extension and the click-to-call extension.

Examples of best-In-class mobile marketing strategies

To get the most out of their marketing budget, several firms and organizations have engaged in high-quality mobile marketing techniques over the years, including:

National Geographic: In a daring move, the National Geographic Channel launched a mobile marketing campaign targeted just at tablet users connected to their home Wi-Fi network.

They received vital information on their tablets as part of the campaign, which also allowed them to co-view a show as shown on television.

Ford: To promote the launch of the new Taurus and Escape vehicle models, Ford devised a mobile marketing plan that linked mobile viewing and messaging capabilities.

People who wanted to know more about either automobile had to send a one-word SMS to a short number.

A prospect will automatically called after sending an SMS and asked for their name and zip code.

This data then forwarded to their nearest dealership, where a sales representative contacted them.

Setting up your mobile marketing strategy

If you’re new to mobile marketing, we’ve assembled all the knowledge you’ll need together with a well-rounded mobile marketing plan.

Your campaign, like all marketing efforts, must be customer-centric.

Traditional marketing approaches for selling product or service attributes are no longer effective.

Customers now instead preferring to invest in companies that they feel will help them solve a problem in their lives.

Understanding how to effectively advertise to mobile-based clients is crucial when it comes to digital marketing abilities.

This starts with ensuring that you have a foolproof approach for persuading customers to invest in your product or service.

Customers will gain brand recognition and, hopefully, enter your sales funnel as a result of the information they presented.

Mobile marketing materials should be as simple as possible because mobile clients utilize their devices in short bursts.

The more quickly a person can understand information that may be useful to them, the more they stay engaged.

Optimize your web and landing pages for mobile

Making ensuring that any material or information you’re selling to a target audience can read correctly on a mobile device is the first step in developing a best-in-class mobile marketing plan for your company. Optimizing your online pages for tablets and lower screen sizes, for example, necessitates a unique “design.”

This allows visitors to read a website’s content, in the same manner, they would on a desktop computer.

High-converting landing pages frequently use well-placed graphic elements to swiftly communicate a message to a target audience.

However, because image-heavy web pages take longer to load on some mobile devices, make your landing pages and websites mobile-friendly.

According to the Aberdeen Group, a one-second loading delay:

  • Customer satisfaction drops by 16 percent.
  • Conversions are down 7% as a result of this.
  • There are 11% fewer page visits as a result of this change.
  • To make your landing and web pages as mobile-friendly as possible, make sure any photographs or videos
  • generally mobile-friendly and updated regularly to convey a new message, making your mobile life easier.
  • marketing approach.

You’ll be able to interact with a broader demographic by employing the aforementioned methods to design your mobile marketing plan.

Mobile usage will shortly surpass that of all other types of devices combined this year.

To succeed in the digital market, your company has to have a mobile marketing plan.  For more knowledge, contact Nummero, Bangalore’s leading digital marketing agency.