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If you would like to try affiliate marketing, finding a profitable niche should be your first priority. 

Choosing a selected niche market makes it easier to attach with advertisers and sponsors. 

Also, it gives your marketing efforts more focus and enables you to expand your audience quickly.

When novice affiliate marketers start checking out a distinct segment,

 They often assume that they have to seek out a little-known market,

or that profitable niches are going to be ones that other marketers aren’t currently involved in. 

After all, the foremost popular industries and topics are the preservation of established publications, 

which invest large sums of cash monthly into content creation, outreach, and SEO.

Websites like Healthline or WebMD, 

as an example, have the marketing budgets to rent teams of freelance writers to supply health-related content. additionally, 

They spend thousands of dollars on link building, paid promotions, and other advertising methods.

Suffice to mention, competing with these brands would be impossible for the typical marketer.

Notwithstanding, the simplest market niches to focus on are,

 in fact, the mainstream niches.

These marketing niches currently have competition, high demand, proven longevity,

many findable customers, and various related products, social media groups, forums, and websites.

within the unlikely event that you simply find a distinct segment that other affiliates have overlooked,

this is often typically because the demand is low.

So customers are few and much between – and since the amount of products available to the market is restricted. 

That might be a challenge for a seasoned marketer, never mind a beginner.

You can build a successful website and stand out from the gang by specializing in an industry sub-niche,

like ‘health tips for seniors’ or ‘healthy living for families’ – to reference the above health niche example. 

This way, you’ll use long-tail keywords – 

that are omitted by the larger publications – to bring program traffic to your website and generate affiliate sales.

this is often a more sensible approach 

because the niche is evergreen so you already know that there are profits to be made. 


Here’s the way to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing in seven easy steps.


How to Find a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing in Seven Easy Steps

1) Consider Your Own Interests and Pastimes

When it involves finding niches, the logical place to start is with the items that interest you personally. 

altogether likely, you already spend money on this stuff

so you understand the mindset of consumers.

you only need to determine whether or not they are viable as a web business.

To quote a well-known phrase, “pick an occupation you enjoy and it’ll never desire work”. 

Many of us have succeeded in turning our pastimes into profitable niche businesses. for example, gardening is a particularly popular pastime in America. 

The niche website SavvyGardening is owned by a couple of friends, who are passionate gardeners.

They frequently publish content promoting affiliate products and make money through Adsense too.

Fishing is another popular outdoor activity within the States, with almost fifty million participants in 2017, consistent with Statista. 

Fishing enthusiast Ed Hitchcock found out the profitable niche website 

tailored Tackle to assist aspiring fishermen.

The website shares fishing advice and recommends different products and tools to readers. 

It generates considerable take advantage of Google ads, affiliate sales, and therefore the sale of other products.

Make an inventory of all of your hobbies during a notepad and appearance through them carefully.

you’ll be amazed by the number of potential niches this highlights. 

Consider what proportion you recognize about niches within the market you would like to enter.

you are doing not require expert knowledge,

 you only got to know a touch quite your audience . Ideally, 

if you’ll be creating the content, you ought to feel capable of doing this after research. 

Avoid entering a technical niche that you simply don’t fully understand, 

otherwise, it’ll be hard to publish articles frequently. An alternative choice,

obviously, is to recruit niche-specialist freelance writers to supply your website content. 

during this situation, you are doing not get to know much about the niche, 

However, you ought to think about the associated costs before taking this approach.

If you do not have any hobbies or interests that readily translate into a profitable niche,

visit the audience behavior platform Quantcast. 

Click the explore icon within the right top corner of the screen, then click on the 

‘Top 100′ icon. This lists the highest 100 websites online at any given moment.

there is no point in trying to imitate these websites because they’re too big for 

that to be viable. Rather, you ought to navigate to the next pages and appearance for trends and niches among the companies listed.

Often, you’ll notice several websites centered around the same niche, like travel.

A distinct segment like this is often too broad for affiliate marketing though. 

Thankfully, you’ll take that broad niche and visit the Quora website.

Here, people can ask questions on any subject under the sun and receive in-depth replies from the community. 

Type your broad niche topic into the search field on Quora and press the Enter key.

This may mention an inventory of questions asked by other Quora users in that niche. 

These questions reveal narrow niches within the broad category you’ve researched.

This could offer you many good ideas about where to focus your affiliate marketing efforts.

2) Identify Potential Monetization Options Within the Niche

It is always knowing to select a distinct segment that has several monetization options,

so you’ll establish multiple streams of income. 

This spreads your risk and ensures that you simply will stay in business

if one of your affiliate accounts is closed. 

Begin by evaluating the competition and note what monetization methods they’re using. 

Conduct a Google look for your primary topic,

then check out the highest ten to fifteen websites that appear within the results. 

Ideally, you would like these sites to be monetized

with sponsored content, Google ads, Amazon products, their own membership areas, etc.

Next, visit Amazon to get which products affiliates can promote within the niche. 

Click on the relevant category within the left-hand panel to display products that are suitable for your audience. 

These products should be top-quality items that you simply would be comfortable recommending.

Also, search for related products on other affiliate networks, like ClickBank, 

Commission Junction, and Offervault. you would like to see that there are a good sort of products to market within the niche.

ClickBank, especially, may be a great website to see thanks to the sheer number of users on the network.

to start researching a distinct segment topic, 

click the marketplace icon at the highest of the screen.

you’ll start by conducting an inquiry for your industry within the search field provided. 

this may reveal some interesting sub-niches.

However, also study the menu on the left-hand side of the page, because this already has curated lists of topics.

Once you’ve got looked for your industry within the search field, or selected your category, 

the results are going to be displayed.

The merchandise information is shown on the proper of the page, and therefore the search results are often filtered on the left side of the page. 

Each product that appears here is one that you simply could potentially promote as an affiliate.

it’s best to use the 

‘Gravity’ filter to sort the results. 

This measurement indicates what percentage of affiliates earned commissions promoting the products recently. 

Examine the listed products carefully to work out whether any of them look appropriate for your audience. 

attempt to choose products with high Gravity scores and an honest average income-per-sale.

this is often efficient thanks to analyzing a possible niche for 

affiliate marketing and identifying products that are likely to appeal to people.

3) Assess the Competition and Search Volume for the Niche

As already stated, niches with little competition are best avoided,

because this usually means the profit potential is restricted. 


it’s important to not confuse niche analysis with keyword research, which is a simple mistake to form. 

When researching keywords, you would like to seek out phrases with low to medium competition,

because you’re attempting to rank highly for them.

In contrast, with niche analysis, your goal is to work out whether

the niche itself can cause you to make money.

SEMrush may be a good place to start your research

Type the broad keyword for your niche into this tool and it’ll do two things. 

Firstly, it displays dozens of other keywords associated with your niche which will help your analysis. 

Secondly, it shows you the keyword difficulty, cost per click figures, and search volume for your specified keyword. 

The keyword difficulty (KD) reveals how hard ranking for a keyword is,

counting on the authority of the present websites occupying the highest ten search results. 

Cost per click (CPC) shows what proportion of money, on average,

marketers are prepared to buy one click of a keyword. 

The search volume indicates what percentage of times people look for a keyword on Google.

Ideally, you ought to search for keywords in your niche with a CPC of $2 or more,

and a minimum search volume of 10K. 

This shows that the subject is popular enough to get substantial returns,

and marketers are happy to pay an honest amount to display their adverts for these search terms. 

If many of the first keywords in your niche have a high CPC,

you’ll make certain that there  profits to make there. 

Marketers who are paying a few dollars per click without a guaranteed sale must be earning much money. 

Of course, achieving high rankings for these keywords in Google’s organic search results is another challenge.



So,as an affiliate, your role is to seek out promising niches, decide whether or not they are worth entering, 

then produce quality content that solves the issues of your prospects and positions you as a trustworthy expert. 

So,Hopefully, by now, you’ll realize that this is often not as hard as many of us believe. 

Remember, there’s no such thing as a ‘saturated niche’.

You’ll always generate profits by taking an ingenious approach, 

or simply by outperforming the competition. Instead of feeling daunted, simply roll up your sleeves,

listen to the above advice and begin trying to seek out a profitable niche today.

 Make no mistake, a lucrative affiliate niche may be a step away.

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