What is the best way to schedule Instagram post and stories?

By sharing Instagram Post and stories with your followers on Instagram, you may strengthen your relationships and establish an online presence.

Along with permanent Instagram Posts, 24-hour stories are now the most popular social media trend.

Planning your Instagram stories and posts is a great way to keep track of your account (or multiple accounts). We’ve included material in this article to illustrate why and how to schedule Instagram posts and stories. We’ll use Combin Scheduler as an example.

Instagram is without a doubt one of the most widely used social media platforms on the planet.

It allows us to take advantage of visual opportunities. Marketers and digital firms, regardless of their size, are increasingly adopting Instagram into their marketing strategies.

Even though several famous social networking platforms have lately included story features, Instagram has been the frontrunner in the trend, following Snapchat.

Using Instagram stories to draw attention to your brand is a terrific method to do it. Instagram stories are unique in that they appear at the top of the home feed, and Instagram sends out reminders about stories before they vanish.

To get to the front of the line, you don’t have to outsmart the algorithm. You may also save your articles on your profile under the heading “Highlights” or any other title you select. Start using stories instead of posts, and make them more engaging by using a story scheduler.

Can you schedule Instagram stories using the Instagram app?

Unfortunately, the software does not allow you to schedule a Story. Instagram does not have this capability built-in. As a result, you’ll need to employ an Instagram management program to take care of it for you. There is a slew of applications that will automatically plan your Instagram Stories for you. But we’re going to show you the finest of the bunch, which comes with a slew of extras. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Schedule Instagram Stories:

With over 400 million people viewing Instagram Stories every day, it is the fastest growing social media platform for companies.

You can storyboard your material, add captions or links, engage with your team, and plan and schedule Instagram Stories graphically from your PC with Later – something you won’t find on any other marketing tool.
The Instagram API does not allow for automatic posting of planned Instagram Tales but Later has made it simple to post your stories in seconds.

Advantages of Scheduling Instagram Posts and Stories

Instagram post scheduling is a popular marketing strategy utilized by a variety of blogs and companies. Due to the lack of a direct scheduling tool on Instagram, these individuals and companies utilize an Instagram scheduling tool to schedule their posts and stories. Scheduling has several advantages, including the ability to save time, publish from your computer, manage numerous accounts, and engage followers.

Time is saved by planning Instagram postings. Spending half an hour every day to pick what to post, make required edits, pick a caption, and hashtags are inefficient. You may devote your attention once a week to deciding what to post for the whole week thanks to scheduling. We have plenty of time and attention to devote to enhancing your content.

Instagram from a web browser

You can publish rapidly from your PC if you schedule your posts. Normally, you can’t post to Instagram from a web browser. Using an Instagram scheduling tool, on the other hand, allows you to bypass this constraint by selecting files from your computer or online storage systems. Because you presumably edit your Instagram Post on your computer,
scheduling allows you to upload your posts and articles from the same location.

Many marketers and influencers use separate accounts for their professional and personal lives. It takes a lot of time and effort to use various accounts at the same time and regularly. An Instagram scheduling software keeps you from getting lost if you manage many accounts. It also prohibits publishing with the incorrect account. You’ll have more time and energy for content development if you make account administration simple using a calendar.

One of the most major benefits of scheduling articles and articles is that it allows you to engage with your followers and attract new ones. When navigating through the stream, the more stuff you submit, the more prominent your account becomes. Regular publishing benefits the platform algorithm by increasing the engagement of your content. You may also plan ahead of time if you want to post when the majority of your followers are online.

Your existing and future followers are looking for engaging content. On a digital network like Instagram, the key to being a successful marketer is to use your account actively and regularly. So take advantage of the benefits of scheduling your articles and Instagram Post.

Here’s how to do schedule

Now that we’ve learned the benefits of scheduling Instagram stories and posts, it’s time to learn how to use an Instagram scheduler to schedule your Instagram posts and stories. To demonstrate the procedure, we’ll use the software Combin Scheduler to schedule Instagram posts or stories.

Combin Scheduler is a handy tool that aids in the business of scheduling Instagram posts. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It makes it simple to plan out Instagram photos and stories for later publishing. To discover how to schedule your articles and stories, follow the instructions below.

Install Combin Scheduler and log into your Instagram account within the software to schedule your stories and posts. When you access your Instagram account using the software, keep in mind that Combin does not exchange personal data with third parties. For security reasons, two-factor authentication is available.

Scheduling Instagram Stories

Now let us begin with Instagram stories. While it has logged in, go to the upper left corner of the screen and select Stories. Then, at the bottom of the program window, select ‘Add New Story’. To chose what to post as a narrative, drag & drop photographs or click Choose Photo.

so if you have now chosen your images, you can choose a day and time for them also to be posted. Combin Scheduler synchronizes with the timezone of your operating system for precise timing. You have finished after you click Create. Your story will be published when you specify. You may now modify the direction of your tales in the latest edition of Combin Scheduler.

Scheduling Instagram Posts

Instagram stories are similar to Instagram posts in that they could remain scheduled. After logging in, Combin Scheduler immediately redirects you to the post scheduling page. Click ‘Add New Post’ at the bottom of the program window. Drag and drop pictures or click Choose Photo to select photographs for the post. You may write your caption in the input field. All intervals, paragraph breaks, symbols, and emojis would remain kept when your post is published.

Then, if wanted, you may enter the name of your place in the Location input box. When you’ve finalized your arrangements, click Create and choose your posting day and time. Now is the time to relax and wait for your content to be shared when you want it.

Scheduling Reposts

Reposting, commonly known as programming, is one of the most useful functions that Instagram lacks. It allows you to share content from other people’s profiles. Brands that wish to distribute user-generated content might benefit from reposting. The Combin Scheduler now has a new version that allows you to repost on Instagram.

After logging in, go to the bottom of the page and select ‘Add New Post,’ then select the Repost option in the pop-up box. Second, copy and paste the URL of the Instagram post you wish to report into the Link to the Post section. Choose a publication date and time. You may include a location tag and a link to your bio to your repost if you like.

To make the final edit, use the icons below the picture to add, delete, or modify the positioning of the repost badge. To change the color of the badge from black to white, enable the White Badge option. When you click ‘Create,’ the repost has been shared at the time you choose

Why You Should Schedule Instagram Stories

Did you know that 62% of consumers are more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Instagram stories?
Instagram Stories may help you enhance brand exposure, engagement, and build your relationship with your followers while driving traffic and revenues.

However, trying to post to Instagram Post every day may be difficult – whether you’re stuck for ideas, don’t have time to generate content on your phone, or simply forget to post!

You can sit down at your computer and plan out a whole week of Instagram Stories in less than an hour by utilizing an Instagram Stories planner like Later.

Scheduling Instagram Tales not only saves you time, but also helps you produce better stories by allowing you to plan and optimize your stories for traffic or sales using statistics, CTAs, and trackable URLs (which you no longer have to keep track of!).

Other things that you can do with AiSchedul’s Instagram Story scheduler

Tag someone in your Instagram Story

It’s as simple as clicking on the “@Mentions” button at the top of the scheduler, enter the name of the person you want to tag, then clicking on their name in the search results. You could potentially use this way to tag numerous persons in your Story.

Draw on your Instagram Story

Simply click the paintbrush in the upper right corner of the planner to draw on your Story with your mouse. You may either click “Brush” or “Eraser” from here.

To draw, choose “Brush,” then click and hold your cursor over your picture to start drawing.
To erase, pick “Eraser” from the paintbrush menu and click and hold your cursor over the areas you wish to erase

Geotag your Instagram Story

Select the square happy face in the scheduler’s upper right corner. You just pick the “Location” option at the top of the page, search for the location you want to tag your Story with, then click the result, similar to how you tag a person in your Story. The location tag may then be moved around inside your Story and placed wherever you wish.
Add emojis and type onto your Instagram Story

It’s as simple as clicking on the square smiling face in the upper right corner of the scheduler and selecting your favorite emojis to add emoticons to your Instagram Stories. You may then change the size and location of your emoji just like any other element.

To add text to your Stories, select “Text” from the same square smiling face, type your message, and then size and arrange your text as desired.

A Reminder

As previously indicated, the entire scheduling procedure is fairly simple. However, there is one last step to remember: keep Combin Scheduler open until your Instagram stories or posts are published.

You can set the program to run in the background if the open Scheduler window bothers you. To do so, go to the menu bar, choose Tools, then Preferences, and check the box labeled “Run Combin Scheduler in the background when it is closed.” When you click the escape button to exit Scheduler after that setting, that would be ideal minimized.

Combin Scheduler can assist you in ensuring that all of your articles and stories might get scheduled and published on time. Furthermore, if some of your publications have expired for any reason, you may quickly reschedule up to five of them at a later date.


Using your Instagram account on a regular and active basis is probably one of the most effective marketing methods you can employ to help your Instagram account develop. Scheduling your articles and articles is a crucial step in this process. Scheduling improves the flow of your Instagram feed.

Regardless of the size of your company or the size of your Instagram following, planning helps you make better decisions. Using a scheduler can help you manage your accounts more efficiently. With the aid of a planner, you may devote more time and effort to your material to make it more enjoyable. We used Combin Scheduler to demonstrate how an Instagram scheduler works. You’re free to use it to organize your Instagram feed. Make contact with nummero, the most effective social media marketing company.