What’s the Difference Between a Staffing Agency and a Temp Agency?

Staffing agencies and temp agencies are all part of a rapidly expanding sector that employs more than 16 million people annually.
Both types of agencies provide jobs in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, clerical work, healthcare, and more. Because of their wide scope, many work seekers may have come across a staffing agency or temp agency at some point during their quest.
But what exactly are staffing and temp services, and how do they differ?
In a nutshell, all organizations assist individuals in finding work. As a result, they can appear to be interchangeable.
While the services provided by temp and staffing agencies often overlap, the opportunities they provide are also very different.
We’ll help you figure out what makes them different.

Here are 2 main differences between staffing agencies and temp agencies:

Temporary vs. Long Term Work

Temp Agencies:

Temporary employment is what temp agencies specialize in. They specialize in short-term projects that last anywhere from one day to one week. It’s not unusual for their employees to be sent to various job sites every day. Candidates are often hired for positions that require them to work on special tasks, seasonal assignments, or work on the same day.
Temp companies are typically hired to meet a company’s urgent needs. They mostly work with manufacturing or warehouse companies that need temporary labor, such as during the holiday season. The bulk of the jobs offered by temp agencies are entry-level and light industrial.

Staffing Agencies:

Temporary employment is also available via a staffing service. They do, however, offer a much broader variety of opportunities than a temp agency, including longer placements. Temporary, temp-to-hire, contract, and direct-hire positions are available.


Temporary jobs are normally only for a brief period. They are typically entry-level and light industrial jobs.


A trial period, normally lasting 90 days, is included in these positions, during which workers and employers can determine whether the work is a good match.


Contract jobs are normally more specialized and only last for a set period. It varies, but they usually don’t last more than a year.


In these types of positions, the job seeker is immediately recruited for a permanent position by the employer.
Staffing agencies provide a wide range of career opportunities. Administrative, light manufacturing, engineering, technical, and management are only a few of the sectors they deal in. Also, their shorter tasks have the potential to be extended or transform into long-term employment.

Immediate Employment vs. Right Fit

Temp Agencies

Temp agency clients have an immediate need to fill vacant vacancies. It’s less about finding the “perfect match” for them and more about finding the “right now.”
A temp agency’s interview process is usually brief and shallow because they need to position people quickly. They want to make sure you can do the job, but they aren’t looking to put you in a role that is a great fit for your abilities.
Although a temp agency can help you find employment quickly, it is unlikely to be the job of your dreams – and it is unlikely to lead to a long-term career.

Staffing Agencies

The credentials of the applicant are more relevant to staffing agencies. There is no such thing as a universal work.
Employers who partner with recruiting agencies want applicants who are not only eligible for the position but also can stay and develop with the organization.
As a result, the interview process at a recruiting agency is normally longer and more in-depth. They’ll ask detailed questions about your background to ensure they have a clear understanding of what you can bring to the table. Their mission is to put you in a job that is a good fit for you.
Overall, recruiting companies are concerned with ensuring a good match for both the employer and the candidate to meet both parties’ long-term needs.

Which Option is Best for You?

It is uncertain.
Depending on your needs, both staffing and temp agencies can be good work search partners. The key is to completely comprehend what each of them has to say. Then, be certain that the type of agency you select is compatible with your needs.

Work with a Temp Agency if

* You need urgent assistance.
* You’re in desperate need of cash and are willing to do any work.
* You want to put an industry to the test.
* You want to gain some experience quickly.
* You’re attempting to fill in the holes in your job history.
We have a helpful report on The Pros and Cons of Temporary * Employment if you want more detail on working with a temp agency.

Work with a Staffing Agency if you

* It’s important to you to find the right match.
* You want to be able to play a wider range of positions.
* You’re looking to break into a new market or advance in your current one.
* You’re looking for a long-term job.
* You want to be able to advance in one business.
Whatever you do, make sure you work with a reputable organization that will effectively assist you in your job quest. In the United States, there are more than 25,000 staffing agencies and temp agencies, and not all of them would be a good match for you.


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