Which is the Best Web Design Company in Bangalore?

There are numerous web design companies in Bangalore; however, which is the most effective? It can be challenging to answer.


Web Design Company in Bangalore


Ultimately, all businesses require different things and requirements, so what could be the most suitable firm for one company might not be the most suitable for the next. Some businesses distinguish themselves from the rest, and we’ve put together an extensive list of the best web development firms in Bangalore!


Growth Hackers Digital Founded – 2017

Growth Hackers Digital

Growth Hackers Digital is a primary Digital Marketing agency founded in 2017 and has office locations located with offices in Bangalore in, India, and Mumbai. Its focus is Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing, Organic Growth as well as Lead Generation Content Marketing, Growth Marketing as well as mobile App Marketing. The company is currently an official Clutch Leader 2020 in the Digital Marketing Category India and was also named the most promising Digital Marketing Agency by Silicon India in 2019. The impressive clientele includes well-known brands like Decathlon, ICICI, Universal Robots, The New Indian Express, Cuemath, Avanse, Chalo, Goal Wise, Bare Anatomy, Hush, Vahan, Moonwalker, Taleb Group, Rang De, and more.


GeekyAnts Founded – 2006


It was initially a brand owned by SahuSoft India Pvt. Ltd. This company works to be ahead of the curve by acquiring information from all over the world, experimenting with new ideas, and implementing them through productive debates. The company is home to a diverse team of developers, including React JS, Angular, Flutter, Svelte, Golang, Vue, Python, Laravel, React Native, Microservices, and API Gateways and Node JS developers. They team together to offer company services. Their reputable clients include Eike Consulting, Gift Center, Liviit, Millimetrica, Child mind, Denali Labs, Paypoint LLC, Neural Frame, PopSmartKids, and Siveco Romania.


Pepper Square Founded – 2002


Pepper Square

ADA, ADC, IAC, Red Herring award, Communicator award, and Communicator Davey silver awards are just a few of the accolades received by Peppersquare in the last 17 years. Through its long and arduous journey, Peppersquare has collaborated with major companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, WordPress, Adobe, IIT Kharagpur, Berkeley- University of California, Nasscom and the Vault SF across various strata of the corporate sector. It offers services like Content Management Systems, Web design and development, cross-platform experiences and Software development. A few of their most reputable clients on various platforms are Banksift, Fujitsu, Mindtree, Mphasis, Abbott, InsightGuru, Ketchum, and Airbnb.


Big App Company Founded – 2008


Big App Company

One of the most renowned web development firms in Bengaluru with a knowledge base of more than 15 years, this business offers complex services like logos, e-commerce, design and technology architecture, digital transformation consultancy and innovation workshops. The big app has earned numerous recognitions like those in top Application Development Companies- Good firm India 2018, the top B2B companies – Clutch India 2018 and has secured the 294th position on the Fast 500 APAC 2017- Deloitte Technology Big app company has reputable names like NPCI, Fortis Hospitals, ISKCON, Origami. Indian Army, Johnson Controls, and Catamaran in their clientele data.


Appscrip Founded – 2014


It was named as one of the most rapidly growing firms in India in the year 2020 according to The Economic Times; this firm is located in Bengaluru and has received numerous awards in the past as being featured in top B2B companies – Clutch India 2018, Top Python developing Companies as well as Top Python Developing Companies – Good firms, ranked 19 in the fast 50 India 2017and Deloitte Technology and ranked 293 in the fast 500 APAC 2017in 2017 – Deloitte Technology. It offers services for developing web portals to various sectors in the industry like chats, transportation, social networks, meal pickup services booking and online shopping. Their most well-known clients include Hunnybee, Dayrunner, InMobi and Sales Paddock.


Nummero Founded – 2014


Nummero Logo

Nummero is an agency for digital marketing that offers small and medium-sized companies across the global web design and online marketing solutions. The company worked with over 100 companies across diverse sectors.

The company was initially a one-person operation and has now grown into a fully-fledged digital and creative business. Nummero is now a unique and close-knit team of experts in every aspect of Internet development, including creative, strategic, and technical aspects.

In 2014, Nummero was founded. Nummero has a full-time marketing staff and has offices across three continents, including Asia, the United States, Australia, and Asia.

The company’s goal is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a cost-effective, customized marketing program as the world’s most genuine digital marketing company. They provide personal attention, distinctive solutions and digital strategies, innovative design, and industry-leading content.


Uipep Founded – 2015


Established in December of 2015, UiPEP Technologies is an Indian IT outsourcing firm that provides mobile, cloud, web and software development. It offers services like UX/UI Design, Enterprise web, cloud services and maintenance, and Quality Assurance automation. Their clients are D8amatiks, Worked, 10trove, Onn Bikes, and NSmiles.


List of Top Web Development Companies in Bangalore


The city is often referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley in India and also known for its beautiful green spaces and vibrant nightlife; Bangalore is currently a bustling market for new businesses and technological developments. The city is evidence of not just the numerous startups created in the city’s heart, but also the fact that they have seen their growth into international phenomenons over the years, with businesses like Flipkart, Practo, and Swiggy, BigBasket, Myntra, Achira Labs or Zoomcar. With all the new and established service/product-based industries such as digital marketing and web development, companies have determined to create their routes to be successful. Web development companies like these are only an engine for the growing technology market in the city, using the expertise of the city’s highly skilled youngsters with established businesses and giving them a broad marketing platform.

The top web development firms in Bangalore offer services like UX/UI designs, mobile and web app development, branding, Blockchain and POC development and strategies for data visualization that aid companies connect with their client base and build confidence in the end by offering them unique experiences. This service will benefit emerging startups and enable them to become the ‘drivers for innovation within the global market. The number of web development firms in Bangalore is set to grow in the next few years as more and more people are taking on this exciting industry and attempting to take advantage of this Tech Revolution bandwagon.