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Web accessibility alludes to the design and development of websites, tools, and technology so that persons with impairments can use them. 

People can perceive, comprehend, navigate, and engage with the Web in particular ways. contribute to the Internet.

Businesses are increasingly placing a premium on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

It’s no surprise that online accessibility has become a standard provision among businesses of all sizes.

The internet is an invaluable resource that is present in every aspect of our life.

It’s used for anything from reading the news to shopping, communication, and work, among other things.

However, large sections of the internet remain inaccessible to those with impairments. 

This doorway to limitless possibility is essentially closed to one out of every four people.

Fortunately, agencies of all sizes are now providing their clients with web access.

While it is first and foremost a legal and ethical concern, it is also just a smart business practice. 

This is why:

It generates fresh money for both you and your customer.


By making your customers’ websites accessible, you’re potentially reaching 25% more of the market — an enthusiastic audience that is badly underserved.

In terms of purchasing power, it is estimated that this sector is worth $490 billion in the United States alone. 

The magnitude of this market on a worldwide basis is enormous.

Your agency gains a new revenue stream while your customers benefit from access to a mostly untapped market. 

Because of technological advancements, implementing web accessibility into your service offering is simple and inexpensive.

Web accessibility can be charged for in addition to development and design because it is a fundamental component of developing any website.

earning more cash from each website you build

It enhances the user experience and SEO.


Making your clients’ websites accessible not only broadens their audience reach but also increases their site’s exposure in search engine results.

This is due to the fact that online accessibility metrics and SEO methods sometimes overlap. 

When consumers can adjust the website’s overlay to their interests and needs, the user experience improves considerably.

A clearer and easier-to-navigate user experience lead to increased time spent on the website and higher conversion rates.

This translates to fewer bounce rates (visitors abandoning the site after only one page visit), improved SEO results, and more business.

Your customers want you to provide them with sites that are both compliant and accessible.


With businesses being expected to be more socially responsible than ever before, online accessibility has become a standard service for agencies.

The value of a socially responsible business reputation is well understood.


According to an Accenture Strategy poll, 48% of consumers will complain about a company’s social shortcomings, and 42% will quit a firm out of animosity. 

A staggering 21% will never do business with that company again.

While online accessibility helps to maintain a good reputation for inclusion for both the client and the agency, it is also anticipated by companies at a time when web accessibility litigation is on the rise. 

In the United States alone, web accessibility-related litigation grew by over 1,000% between 2016 and 2019.

As web accessibility lawsuits become more regular, clients will increasingly resort to web accessibility agencies.

Not sure where to begin? 

With accessiBe’s free testing tool, you can quickly determine how compliant and accessible your agency’s websites are.

It is reasonably priced.


Web accessibility is no longer a costly, time-consuming enterprise that needs an ad hoc web development team and compliance specialists.

AI-powered solutions, such as accessible’s access widget, enable organizations to add web accessibility to their service offering at a low cost.

As an automated product, it provides businesses with a scalable online accessibility solution that is unrivaled in terms of cost. 

More significantly, a high degree of compliance may attained in less than 48 hours.

Also, it is simple to set up.


Web accessibility is now more accessible than ever because of technological improvements.

Agencies may make their clients’ websites compliant and accessible with a two-minute installation process.

Once the AI-powered solution is in place, it will automatically scan the site every 24 hours, remediating any modifications made to your site as needed.

A win-win-win situation


Web accessibility is beneficial to all parties concerned.

It increases your agency’s cash sources and improves its reputation. 

Simultaneously, your clients get access to hitherto unexplored areas as well as better-performing, compliant websites.

Most significantly, it allows persons with impairments to take advantage of all the benefits of the internet.

Is it possible to get any better than that?

AI-powered online accessibility technology allows for a 2-minute installation.


Your time is important, which is why new agency ventures must be justified with ROI

While web accessibility has always been beneficial, the process of obtaining it may be intimidating for any organization. 

It’s past time to dispel the myth that online accessibility is difficult and time-consuming.

Technology has advanced considerably, allowing agencies to open their customers’ digital doors to the public. 

The method is accessible to all organizations due to the simple 2-minute implementation of an automatic accessibility solution on any website.

While doing good, new money sources established.


Agencies are always seeking new methods to earn cash. 

Because it is a fundamental component of any website, web accessibility may readily included as a new revenue stream for your organization.

In the same way that you charge for development and design as part of your usual quotation for each website, you should charge for web accessibility as well. 

As a result, you get more cash from each website you develop, with the extra benefit of being an all-inclusive firm.

You will keep your agency and clients’ internet reputations in good standing.


If you’re an active agency in 2022, you should used to strengthening inclusion initiatives. 

With all eyes on brands and enterprises to make an effort to accommodate all sorts of customers, agencies must do the same. 

Making websites accessible is not just the moral thing to do; it is also the most effective approach to stay in compliance with accessibility regulations and avoid unnecessary litigation.

Furthermore, their initiatives to include people strengthen their internet reputation. 

While there may be no such thing as bad PR, you may avoid it by offering your clients accessible websites. 

The hard work you’ve put into developing a name for your firm may further safeguarded by online accessibility, so you’re not held liable if one of your clients doesn’t have an accessible website.

Web accessibility is a win-win situation for your organization, its clients, and persons with disabilities.

AI-powered online accessibility solutions are beneficial to all parties involved. 

Your agency improves client performance, clients reach more consumers, and individuals with disabilities get access to the web and everything it has to offer. 

Is it possible to get any better than that?

Making your customers’ websites accessible and compliant is much more agency-friendly, 

therefore it’s no surprise that hundreds of agencies are now prioritizing and implementing web accessibility into their solutions. 

While doing good, new money sources established.


Agencies are always seeking new methods to earn cash. 

Because it is a fundamental component of any website,

web accessibility may readily included as a new revenue stream for your organization.

In the same way that you charge for development and design as part of your usual quotation for each website, you should charge for web accessibility as well. 

As a result, you get more cash from each website you develop, with the extra benefit of being an all-inclusive firm.

Web accessibility boosts performance across the board, from reach to SEO and user experience.


AI-powered online accessibility solutions are cost-effective tools that ensure clients satisfied with the functioning of their digital assets. 

When you make websites accessible, you expect greater traffic since you’re boosting potential reach by 20%, because one in every five individuals has a handicap that necessitates accessibility changes on websites. 

You’re not just reaching out to more consumers, but also a larger audience of their peers. 

This is because individuals with disabilities are the most loyal customers: once they find an accessible website, they will return and tell their friends and family about it.

Furthermore, by allowing users to tailor their experience to their talents, the user experience vastly improved. 

This will increase dwell time, decrease bounce rate, and boost SEO and conversion rates. 

Viewers will rapidly leave if the website is inaccessible, which may influence your performance score.

Making Online Services More Convenient


You should not rush to make your website accessible merely because it required by law. 

Hopefully, you are or will be doing so because it is the proper thing to do.

Would you enter a building if there was no regulation requiring ramps to installed for persons who physically disabled? 

Your website is no exception. 

There is no rule requiring you to enable citizens to pay their parking fines online, but you do so because it is easier, quicker, and more efficient for your people.

Identifying Who Is in Charge of Web Accessibility


Your IT staff may have played a significant role in the building of your website, but they are not the only ones responsible for ensuring that the material on your site is accessible. 

In reality, everybody who adds material to your website is liable.

With so many diverse departments – from parks and recreation to finance, communications to information technology – it may be tough to ensure that everyone on your team follows the same access requirements.



It is critical to developing criteria for writing web material, publishing photographs, and providing meeting agendas and minutes.

I hope this information has helped you learn more. 

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