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What is conversion rate optimization?

To put it in perspective, it is a metric analysis system that determines your company’s success rate in terms of the tasks you want your audiences to do, such as renewing a subscription, joining up for your premium products and services, or completing an online purchase. These indicators contribute to the criteria that businesses use to track the performance of a website.

As an advertising agency in Bangalore, we recognise that not everyone who expresses an interest in your business intends to become a paying customer. Even if your website receives a lot of traffic, your conversion rates may be low, leaving you with insufficient returns on the marketing expenses you’ve made. Depending on your marketing demands and objectives, this is the time to look into conversion rate optimization services.

Determining when CRO is right for your business

Conversion Rate (%): Calculate leads generated divided by website traffic, multiplied by 100. Low conversion rate? Implement CRO to improve it.
Revenue Goals: Divide new revenue goal by average sales price. Need more customers to reach the goal? CRO can optimize conversions.
Lead-to-Customer Close Rate (%): Evaluate lead-to-customer conversion rate. If it’s low, CRO can enhance lead quality and increase conversions.

What Is CRO Metric?

CRO metrics are key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure the effectiveness of CRO testing. They help identify opportunities for optimizing conversion rates and marketing strategies. By tracking these metrics, businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve user experience, increase conversions, and enhance overall marketing performance.

Common CRO metrics involved in day-to-day tracking:


These are metric representations portraying the number of users who clicked into your site but left without performing or completing any of the desired actions. A high bounce rate indicates potential issues with your website’s performance and user experience.


The number of visitors who arrive at your website through external sources such as ads, organic search results, or social media posts. Higher entrance numbers increase the potential for improving conversion rates.


The percentage of users who click on your website link after seeing ads, search results, or listings. CTR helps assess the effectiveness and relevance of your marketing campaigns.


The average number of pages viewed by a specific audience segment on your website. A higher number indicates better engagement and the ability to provide valuable information.


The speed at which your web pages respond to user input. Faster page load times are crucial for improving conversion rates and enhancing user experience.


Evaluates the impact of your conversion rate marketing efforts on your overall revenue and helps optimize your marketing spending.


The number of users or visitors who have shown interest in your brand and are potential customers. High conversion rates lead to increased lead generation and long-term revenue.


The number of users visiting your website. Analysing traffic patterns helps identify areas for website conversion optimization.


The percentage of visitors who leave your website from a specific page after viewing other pages. Setting acceptable exit rate standards can help improve conversion rates.

Difference between Conversion rate optimization and Click Through Rate

Conversion rate and click-through rate (CTR) are vital metrics in digital marketing, but they measure different stages of the sales funnel.

The conversion rate measures the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action, such as making a purchase. It shows how effective your website and marketing strategies are at converting prospects into customers.

CTR, on the other hand, calculates the proportion of users who click on a link or ad out of all impressions. It represents the first curiosity sparked by your marketing initiatives. Use our digital marketing services to optimise your website and marketing efforts by understanding the difference between CRO and CTR.

You can improve user engagement, boost quality visitors, and increase conversions by enhancing both metrics. Our conversion rate experts are ready to assist you in converting prospects into valuable clients.