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If I had one piece of advice for all internet company entrepreneurs

It would be to get and use powerful marketing funnels.

Consider a funnel with a big opening at the top and a tiny exit at the bottom.

A sales funnel is the journey a consumer takes from discovering your product to purchasing it.

Your social media postings may receive a large number of likes.

But how many of those likes result in a purchase of your product?

If your sales are slow, likely, the funnels you’re employing aren’t successfully.

Leading potential consumers to the bottom of the funnel.

Social media marketing with the Best Digital Marketing Company will increase your reach significantly.

Efficient funnels may benefit organizations, but some operate better for specific products or sectors.

The funnels I’m going to talk about today are excellent for recruiting clients and selling your services.

So, if you want to attract new customers and offer your services online.

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1. Lead Generation Funnel

The purpose of a lead generation funnel is to, well, create leads.

This is one of the sorts of funnels that are commonly used to create your email list.

Increase your audience, or collect some targeted leads before a launch.

2. Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO)

The self-liquidating funnel is one of several types of funnels that may be used for a variety of purposes.

This funnel’s main three objectives are to:

1. generate leads
2. sell
3. Recover the cost of your advertisement

A self-liquidating offer can be set up  a variety of ways.

But there should be at least one paid offer at some point in the funnel.

When your funnel is properly set up and functioning
(which may take some time and trial-and-error),

the paid offers will produce enough sales to pay for the funnel.

The aim  for the money generated by this funnel to exceed the amount spent on advertising.

There are Digital Marketing Agencies that may run Ads on your behalf.

You also know where your money is going.

The ultimate goal of this funnel is not to make money,
because the items or services provided these funnels  generally not priced high enough to make this viable
(although in certain rare circumstances, this will occur!).

The true aim is to increase visibility and warm leads who have already purchased from you.


Even if you have no prior understanding of sales funnels.

So,You now have six excellent sorts of funnels to attract clients and offer services online.

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