Guide to Social Tools - Nummero

Speaking of creating, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with nummero,
so we produced this tutorial to assist you.
You can engage in nummero via Twitter, Google +, Google Hangout, Facebook,
and/or your blog, in addition to this site, which will preserve a record of all interactions
and lists of forthcoming activities.
You may also participate in nummero in person with coworkers and friends.

Twitter and Twitter Chats

The make cycle team will conduct a #nummero Twitter conversation every Thursday.
To engage in the conversations and make sense of any other nummero-related
Twitter material, you’ll need a Twitter account and a basic grasp of how to participate on Twitter.
This information on Getting Started with Twitter and Twitter Chats should help you get started.

Google and Our G+ Community

Daily sharing and discussion about nummero will take place,
particularly in the nummero Google+ (or G+) Community and on Twitter with the hashtag #nummero
In these areas, you’ll find user-generated material as well as intriguing resources
connected to creating and Connected Learning.
The G+ community will serve as a venue for you to share your work and seek assistance
in creating and learning.
Check out Getting Started with Google and Our G+
Community for assistance in creating a Google account and joining our G+ Community.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts a collaborative video-conferencing application that is integrated into Google+.
Nummero team leaders will conduct a Make with Me Hangout on Air every Tuesday to engage in live video conversation!
Participants are also welcome to participate.
Participants may also elect to create their hangouts to collaborate more closely with
the learners they meet throughout the nummero.
Please see Getting Started with Google Hangouts for help.

Grouping and Collaborating with Social Tools

Despite our size, we at Nummero recognise that effective learning occurs most commonly in local communities.
We invite you to cluster and gather in each create cycle based on your interests,
affinities, pace, and/or connections made throughout this learning.
So,If you have a cooperation idea and want to establish a group, please use the hashtag #nummero to advertise it and ask others to join you.


As a result, social technology dynamic and adaptable — the platforms described above are only a few examples of the sorts of social tools that might be used in your organization.
We hope we were able to assist you in navigating a portion of the social technology environment!
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