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There are several methods for generating leads rapidly and with minimal effort. 

The problem is that most of these tactics provide low-quality leads

with little to no probability of conversion which is detrimental to your organization.

What you want are quick and simple strategies for generating high-quality leads with a high likelihood of conversion, either now or later. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many of these solutions

that combine the best of both worlds as there should be, but they do exist. 

And now I’m going to show you twelve of the quickest, least-effort strategies to create high-quality leads right immediately.

Invest in a competent PPC agency.


Okay, PPC isn’t simple, but an agency will handle all of the legwork for you,

and it’s the quickest method to get high-quality leads. 

The beautiful thing about paid advertising is that you can practically select the type of people who come to your site. 

So, for example, you may target folks who are eager to buy and focus just on leads with the best conversion potential.

Similarly, you may use PPC to acquire leads who aren’t quite ready to purchase

but nurture those leads throughout the purchasing process to ensure

they finish up buying from you rather than one of your competitors. 

This option is provided by paid advertising, and a smart PPC firm will have you producing leads straight away.

You have to ensure that once those leads get on your site, you can convert them.

Schedule your social media postings.


There are benefits and drawbacks to automating social postings,

but it is undeniably a low-effort option to create leads rapidly. 

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you should automate everything,

but scheduling your postings can significantly improve your manual social activity – especially on networks like Twitter, where the material has a limited lifespan.

An excellent place to start is by scheduling your blog entries to be published on your preferred networks at the most influential times of the day. 

You can be consistent every day, in many time zones,

and at the most efficient times of day to create leads by scheduling your postings.

The best part is that you just need to push the publish button once, and everything else is taken care of.

I still recommend that you conduct at least 50% of your social activity manually, but a good dose of automation may make a significant difference in the number of leads you create daily.

Turn your blog’s content into free downloads.


 People love freebies, and if you provide them excellent information for free, your email list will explode. 

To make this work, you must create exceptional material on a regular basis, which is neither easy nor quick – but bear with me.

 With this type of content strategy in place, you can aggregate your existing material into larger resources and make them available as free downloads. 

Consider in-depth guides on technical issues, step-by-step instructions for crucial activities, or industry “secrets” you’ve learned over the years — anything that truly adds value.

Include dynamic call-to-action buttons in each of your blog entries.


Place CTAs for your free downloads on every blog post to convert your blog readers into email sign-ups. 

But here’s the trick: you’ll make free downloads for each category on your site, then develop a “dynamic” CTA that automatically links each download to the appropriate category.

People who read a piece on lead generation, for example, will be directed to download The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation, while those who read about email marketing will be sent to 55 Email Marketing Hacks That Will Transform Your Business, and so on.

The key is that every visitor will be prompted to download free information on the same topic in which they previously expressed interest by clicking on your article. 

And with some simple PHP code, this will happen automatically for every post you publish.

Make your forms more conversion-friendly.


Forms that annoy users are one of the biggest conversion killers you can have on your site. 

It makes no difference how quick or easy your lead-generating strategies are if your forms prevent individuals from converting at the critical moment. 

Invest in an excellent form optimization tool to ensure you’re not turning away prospective prospects.

Any excellent form optimization tool will show you where people are having issues with your forms so you can fix them. 

There are also some excellent tools available these days. 

Leadformly is my current favorite since it comes with form layouts that are already optimized for conversions and can be embedded anywhere on your site. 

As a result, you’ll spend less time troubleshooting your forms and more time watching the leads pour in.

Opt for pop-ups that are easy to operate.


Regardless of UX issues, pop-ups continue to provide results, and believe it or not, it is feasible to utilize pop-ups in a way that has no/minimal negative influence on user experience. 

Exit pop-ups, which appear only when visitors appear to be about to leave your site, and scroll pop-ups, which appear only when users reach a specified area of the page, are two of the least invasive pop-ups. 

You may also program them to activate when a user reaches the conclusion of your article and begins to scroll up.

Pop-up alternatives, like banner opt-ins or CTA sections, can help break up your page without interfering with the user experience.

Experiment with several alternatives to find what works best for you and the people that visit your site.

Use social media to reach out to others.


Returning to social media, one thing marketers don’t do enough of is reach out to individuals on social with the correct type of intentions. 

I’m not talking about desperate Facebook postings or self-promotion on Quora. 

I’m talking about reaching out to those who are experiencing real issues and offering them a solution.

So, the next time you see a Quora page full of answers from corporations promoting their products, break the mold and attempt to help others.

Trust me, your response and your brand will stand out much above the other self-serving replies on Quora.

The same is true for Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats, and any other location where your target audience seeks assistance or advice. 

Make yourself recognized in these areas, but as a brand that wants to make people’s lives simpler. 

Not only will the individuals you assist be amazed by your generosity, but so will everyone else in the room.

Use your content to challenge industry leaders.


It is difficult to compete with industry leaders. 

They appear to have all of the visibility, leaving little room for smaller businesses to establish themselves. 

So, challenge industry leaders with your content and take the battle to them.

Tell them if they post something claiming your industry is trending in one direction and you disagree. 

Publish your article that provides your perspective on the situation and reach out to them with it. 

Comment on their blog articles about your ideas and material, making it obvious which brand you represent.

The purpose here is not to spark a debate. 

It’s to get your brand in front of the enormous audiences that your industry leaders attract and to establish yourself as a company with something unique to say.

Set up a review site for yourself.


People want guarantees that they’re buying from the finest available source with so many alternatives to pick from – for almost every transaction they make. 

This is why third-party evaluations from sites like Google, Trustpilot, and Reviews.co.uk are so vital.

People visit these sites not just to gain feedback from previous customers,

but these evaluations are frequently incorporated in search results and PPC advertisements,

and you may also use them on your landing pages to increase on-site conversions.

Of course, you must be certain that you can create a reasonable number of favorable evaluations

for this to attract leads rather than frighten people away. 

As a result, ensure that your services are up to par and that you have a robust customer service strategy

in place to transform any complaints into satisfied consumers.

Emphasize time-sensitive offers.


With the approaches we’ve just discussed,

you should be able to reach a large number of people and generate high-quality leads. 

So now is a fantastic time to start marketing time-sensitive deals

to attract new leads and generate a feeling of urgency for the ones you currently have.

You may advertise these in your PPC advertising,

social postings, blog articles, emails, and any other channel through which you communicate with prospects. 

It is totally up to you what you provide and how frequently you conduct deals. 

Experiment with a few campaigns to see what piques people’s interest; you may discover that certain audiences respond to different incentives more than others.

Just be sure to emphasize that your deals are only available for a short time

To generate a feeling of urgency.

Make use of your existing consumers.


It’s astonishing how many businesses believe their job is over once a user clicks the buy button,

yet your most potent lead producers are the folks who have previously done business with you. 

Create campaigns to convert your existing clients into repeat buys, ask for referrals,

and reward them for referring their friends or connections to you.

You’ve already spent in acquiring each consumer, so you want to make

the most of your marketing dollars, even after they’ve made their final decision.

Do everything you can to generate repeat consumers and brand advocates who will help your future marketing efforts.



The low-effort approaches for generating leads rapidly

that we’ve looked at today aren’t the ones that will create the most leads in the shortest period. 

They will instead deliver highly qualified prospects with business potential – quality over quantity.

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