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In this section, we’ll go over three elements that might make your article newsworthy enough to attract links: facts, emotion, and effect.
Today we’d want to speak about how to create newsworthy content.
So this is a subject near and dear to my heart.
So we’ll learn how to do a link gap analysis, which simply involves
figuring out where your rivals’ connections are coming from and then brainstorming ways to obtain comparable links.
When it comes to developing those links, the greatest method to do it is through newsworthy content.
I’m going to talk to you about some of the most crucial aspects of generating that sort of content.


So, first and foremost, data.
Because most of us do not have breaking news operations or
entire newsrooms for our brands, data is critical to this process.
We are not journalists.
This is not our full-time occupation.
So we can’t just report on the latest item that’s going on.
We practically have to make our news by delving into and researching things that interest us.

Internal data

So using original data is a wonderful method to do this.
You might begin by determining whether your firm has any internal data
That would be of interest to relevant media.
Many businesses miss this element.
You must, of course, have the authorization to do so.
However, you may have knowledge that would be quite fascinating.
Perhaps you have an email list or an active audience that you can survey or poll to
Find out what information would be interesting to individuals.
So that’s an excellent starting point.

Public data

Otherwise, public data is accessible.
The government alone offers a plethora of publicly available datasets
that you can utilize and even combine to obtain some very fascinating results.
An example of a mix of these elements.
We looked at data on how many different domestic tasks, no,
Home improvement projects, cost, and then questioned people to find out
How frequently they completed those home improvement projects.
We were able to calculate the cost of house remodeling over a long period.
That is an example of integrating two distinct datasets to get fresh insights.


Third, surveys and other forms of data collecting are useful if you don’t yet have an answer or data.
Perhaps you could do a survey.
You might be able to scrape social media.
Perhaps there is another way.
We swabbed for germs.
Anything you can do to gather information.
Essentially, a smart approach to think about it is to ask yourself a question
that is both fascinating to you and likely to be interesting to your audience, or
To consider what is likely to be interesting to your audience.


SEOs are constantly seeking new ways to obtain high-quality links, but those links must be earned, and they must be earned via the creation of newsworthy content.
So, once again, thanks for joining us today.
I appreciate your time and wish you the best of success out there.
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