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A stock market, equity market, or share market is a gathering of buyers and sellers of stocks that reflect ownership claims on enterprises; these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange.

We all know that Google updates are often highly frustrating, especially when 

Google is never forthcoming about exactly what changed and what you’ll do about it if you are feeling you were unfairly penalized. for a few though, 

Google changes can slice many dollars off the valuation of your company. When Panda 4.0 was unrolled on May 22nd, 

Retail Me Not’s stock dropped 10%, or in other words, Google’s change helped to wipe $170 million from their stock market cap during a single day.

While eBay also took success on an equivalent day, estimated to possess lost rankings for up to 80% of long-tail keywords, their stock market didn’t take much success. 

This is often likely because Paypal is the big driver in eBay’s stock market price. 

The telephone book, however, trading as Yellow Media on the stock market exchange, was estimated to possess lost around 20% of their organic search traffic. 

Since a high, in April their stock market has dropped 29%. What if you’ll predict Google hitting other companies hard? Could you get rich trading their stock? Let’s find out…

Finding Publicly Traded Companies 


That Are Highly-Reliant on Google

The first thing we’d like to try to do is to locate companies that make money primarily via an internet site, are listed on the stock marketing exchange, 

And receive an outsized portion of their website traffic from search engines (such as Google). the primary place I decided to start was to seem at companies that have 

IPO’d or are expected to IPO in 2014. 

I’m primarily watching companies within the “tech” field because they’re more likely to be companies that care about program traffic.

Here’s an inventory of companies I found which have IPO (Initial Public Offering) hype around them for 2014.


  • Airbnb
  • Airwatch
  • AppNexus
  • Automattic
  • Box
  • Deem
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Fanatics
  • Gilt
  • Good Technology
  • GoPro
  • Jawbone
  • LendingClub
  • MongoDB
  • Palantir Technologies
  • Pinterest
  • Pivotal
  • Pure Storage
  • Snapchat
  • Space Exploration Technologies
  • Square
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Uber
  • Vice

The companies in bold are those I will be able to assume receive an outsized portion of their website traffic from Google. 

I don’t know that surely though without performing some further research (I’m scripting this sentence before having looked into each of them). 

While I don’t know every company on this list, their names tend to offer away whether or not they’re likely to be heavily reliant on traffic from Google.

The next step is to ascertain m the businesses in additional detail to see if they are doing getting an outsized portion of their traffic from search engines. 

Unfortunately, there are no thanks to sneak into their Google Analytics account so we’ve to use estimations from other tools. 

The three tools I’m using here are 

SimilarWeb, Alexa, and SEMRush.


SimilarWeb: 18.57% of traffic from search

Alexa: 8.7% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 685,000 monthly visits from search

These numbers are honestly quite a bit smaller than I might expect but still a solid portion of their overall traffic numbers. 

I might guess this is often something they’ll be looking to extend over the approaching years so this is still one company I might be expecting any volatility within the SERPs.

SimilarWeb: 41.64% of traffic from search

Alexa: 13.8% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 7.9 million monthly visits from search

Now, this is often the sort of website you would like to be watching. they need an enormous reliance on search traffic

 (I would trust Similar Web here much more than Alexa thanks to the character of their industry) and they’re in a field that has already seen a rival – Retail Me Not – lose substantial traffic after Google updates.


SimilarWeb: 28.54% of traffic from search

Alexa: 8.9% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 85.7 million monthly visits from search

I often see Pinterest in search results and with all that user-generated content you’ll only imagine what percentage of long-tail key phrases they need to be ranking for. 

The SEMRush stat there gives you an honest idea of that number. the corporate hasn’t filed for an IPO yet but the rumors still swirl that one is imminent.

Survey Monkey

SimilarWeb: 8.02% of traffic from search

Alexa: 5% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 85.7 million monthly visits from search

While they’re also not on the stock exchange yet I assumed this can be a stimulating one to seem at. It looks like my guess was wrong though and 

Survey Monkey doesn’t believe in getting as many leads via search as I initially presumed.

This wouldn’t be much of a blog post if I only had a couple of examples so I decided to seem further back to 2013 and beyond. 

This search became very frustrating because ‘tech’ is often anything from pharmaceutical companies to people securing private internet networks. 

These companies are not getting to be too bothered by Google updates.

I needed publicly traded companies which are the type that TechCrunch would blog about.

Then I had a thought. Just search TechCrunch for sites that have or are looking to IPO. With a simple Google site: search we revisit tons of knowledge.

As you’ll see, this pulled back thousands of results.

 Below I’m picking out some that I feel would be reliant a minimum of in some part on search traffic. Again, I’m scripting this sentence before actually looking into the businesses.


SimilarWeb: 36.16% of traffic from search

Alexa: 20.60% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 8.1 million monthly visits from search

This one is particularly interesting to me because they’re reliant on rankings across many various websites. 

Above I’ve highlighted the stats for his or her .de German-focused site but they’re also running a .co.UK version and even a .pl version of their site. 

Even Alexa pips them as having an outsized portion of search traffic so this is often another one that I might keep an eye fixed on.

They’re expected to IPO before the top of the year.



SimilarWeb: 31.93% of traffic from search

Alexa: 13.20% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 1 million monthly visits from search

Expected to be the most important IPO ever within the tech world, the Chinese e-commerce Titan is hoping to boost up to $21.1bn. 

While their name holds tons of weight, they might still be affected by any big changes in Google’s and Baidu’s algorithm.


SimilarWeb: 25.90% of traffic from search

Alexa: 8.3% of traffic from search

SEMRush: No data for Google China

Though a Chinese fashion portal, Jumei opted to file their $400m IPO within the US. 

They’re another company that’s increasingly reliant on traffic from both Baidu and Google to continue their huge growth.


SimilarWeb: 55.90% of traffic from search

Alexa: 16.3% of traffic from search

SEMRush: No data for Google India

This is the very best percentage of search traffic we’ve seen from 

SimilarWeb yet. Homeshop 18 is an Indian online mercantile establishment hoping to IPO on the NASDAQ later this year. 

Any changes in their Google rankings would surely have an enormous impact on their stock market price.

3 Listed Companies with quite 50% Search Traffic


I wasn’t planning on making a separate section for a few listings but the foremost recent ones 

I’ve mentioned have had much better stats than those further up the post so I wanted to spotlight them and therefore the quiet potential available. 

We’ve already found an excellent opportunity with but there are many, more to be unveiled.


SimilarWeb: 67.33% of traffic from search

Alexa: 31.10% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 111 million monthly visitors from search

Yelp seems to urge more traffic from search than the other website I’ve checked. 

This doesn’t surprise me since they thrive on review search terms around their brand. They’ve had their public battles with Google so any fluctuations wouldn’t be new to them.


SimilarWeb: 49.56% of traffic from search

Alexa: 27.10% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 6.7 million monthly visitors from search

The Trulia stock market surged recently thanks to rumors of a possible acquisition by Zillow. Whatever happens there, the Trulia stock market is certainly one to observe when it involves how well they’re performing in Google. the important estate website generates an enormous chunk of traffic from search (that’s the second-highest I’ve seen Alexa yet) and adds to their bottom line.


SimilarWeb: 53.07% of traffic from search

Alexa: 26.80% of traffic from search

SEMRush: 1.6 million monthly visitors from search

With over 65 million pages indexed in Google, AngiesList tries to unite quality service professionals with those trying to find specialists in a particular field. 

There’s tons of duplication happening in their title tags and meta descriptions but we’ll leave that for an additional day.

This is just a small sampling of the hundreds if not thousands of companies to specialize in who rely heavily on performing well in Google. 

I might recommend similar “site: searches” for Mashable, subsequent Web, and other startup-related blogs to seek out even more examples you’ll follow.

How Would a corporation Get Penalized?

The most obvious answer would be that they’re caught breaking the Google Guidelines and are penalized intrinsically. 

However, it’s also very clear that tons of Google updates don’t always add up on why some people “win” and a few “lose”.

When I wrote about RetailMeNot in my 

“How to create a Billion Dollar SEO Empire” blog post I covered a number of their but favorable 

SEO practices but concluded my post saying they’ve cleaned up their act and that they need to rank for the terms they rank for.

I was surprised that a Google update affected their rankings (and their stock price) so heavily.

Another company I’ve blogged about,, is buying paid links around the web. If Google wants to ever make an example of them that would affect their stock. Around 20% of their traffic currently comes from search engines.

I think the neatest strategy to follow if you play this game is to select companies you would like to trace and monitor the large Google changes.

Of course, there’s also a choice that’s but ethical…



As my very own knowledge during this field is restricted,

 I reached bent others with much more knowledge on this subject than me to share their advice on what they might do if they believed a stock market would be falling.

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