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Want more search traffic to your site?

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In this article, I’m getting to share with you the simplest SEO techniques I’ve wont to generate thousands of unique visitors to my client’s site monthly.

If you follow these strategies strictly, I can assure you that they’re going to assist you to generate quality organic search traffic for your business.

Let’s start.


  • And here are the simplest SEO techniques to drive organic search traffic in 2022
  • Find the proper topic clusters rather than keywords
  • Create Outstanding Title and Meta Description
  • Identify Competitor’s Top Keywords
  • Update and Republish Old Articles
  • Publish Long-Form Content
  • Improve User Experience (UX)
  • Use Google Search Console to Uncover traffic opportunities
  • Optimize for Voice Search
  • Measuring And Tracking SEO Performance
  • Find the proper topic clusters rather than keywords

As an SEO specialist, I’m always finding the simplest ways to extend organic traffic because it will help in driving quality results in websites.

The constant changes within the program algorithms cause a severe headache for marketers to always stay before it. 

But, it’s possible to initiate SEO strategies that will future-proof websites from getting suffering from algorithm changes.

Keywords are fundamental to SEO and content development

But that specializing in keywords alone isn’t enough today and therefore the ways to perform keyword research have changed over time.

The searching behavior of users has shifted with the introduction of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. 

If you’re still using an equivalent old method to perform keyword research, you would possibly not achieve success in ranking for the keywords you’re targeting.

As you’ll see, search engines are focused on providing the simplest user experience and producing results supported intents. 

So, the search engines are changing their algorithms to supply topic-based content as a result for their users.

And that’s where topic clusters become more important than keywords.

So, what are topic clusters?


A topic cluster is defined as a gaggle of interlinked sites or content. The online pages are built around one piece of pillar content that targets a broad topic. 

Each interlinked page will specialize in a specific aspect of the pillar content.

This is how I’ve used clusters of topics for my blog


With the rise in competition, it’s tough to rank a specific page for a targeted keyword. It’s not well worth the time and investment to completely specialize in one single page. 

If you would like to rank for a selected keyword, you would like to focus on the whole topic.

There are important reasons to specialize in topic clusters:


Personalization in search causes fluctuations in keyword rankings. 

Search engines like Google have started providing personalized search results for users. 

The search result that I buy won’t be equivalent to yours albeit we looked for equivalent keywords. there’ll be changes within the position in SERPs.

Latest algorithm updates made search engines understand semantically related concepts. 


Search engines are using advanced algorithms which identify multiple search terms which mean an equivalent thing. 

This enables sites ranking for a specific keyword to rank for other related terms.

Search engines want to supply the simplest results for their users. The simplest way to improve your brand authority is to make high-quality content around a subject, instead of crafting one single content for specific keywords.

You should specialize in the large picture. 


Research has shown that sites that produce multiple contents around a particular topic outperform the sites with fewer articles on the topic.

Focusing on topic clusters offers various benefits. Here are a number of them:


Your visitors spend longer on your site. Once you publish content associated with your visitor’s interests, they need to obtain more. 

they need to understand what else you’ve got to supply regarding the subject they looked for.

One article that performs well on search engines, will help boost the ranking of other interlinked articles also. 

Developing content around a subject will improve the search rankings of comparable interlinked content on your site. 

this may assist you to dominate the SERPs with multiple articles ranking for a selected keyword.

Increase overall traffic to the location. because the articles start to rank high on search engines, the traffic will increase. 

The last word goal of any site is to encourage its visitors to some kind of action and convert them into long-term customers. 

Having multiple informational articles around a subject increases the traffic and conversion.

You don’t want to ignore this, right?


Check out the subsequent resources to find out about topic clusters:


What Are Topic Clusters (And How Can They Boost Your Traffic)?

Topic Clustering is that the New Black of SEO and Content Marketing – what’s It and Why you would like It

Create Outstanding Title and Meta Description


Did you recognize that Title and Meta Description are two important elements that encourage people to click on a selected result on SERPs?

The most compelling title and outline get more clicks and are among the simplest ways to enhance your organic search traffic.

But the way to know what your potential customers want to click on?

A simple trick was suggested by Brian,

Look at the title and outline used for Google Ads for the keywords or search terms you’re targeting!

If the keywords of your choice are competitive, presumably the corporate running Google Ads for those keywords could be doing extensive split tests with hundreds or thousands of various combinations.

A/B split testing is an experimentation method wont to maximize clicks.

Using the ad copy used for Google Ads can help your site on search result pages to draw in more clicks.

But, try to not copy them 100%. you would like to form sure your title and meta description are unique but include a number of the important keywords.

For example, you’ve created a blog post around the keyword” e-waste Malaysia”

You want to see out the Google Ads ad copy first

You might want to think about the subsequent rules for title tag and meta description:

Keep your titles under 50-60 characters


Add the most keyword at the start of the title (if possible)

You should keep your meta description between 50-160 characters

Describe the page in 2-3 sentences

Include your keywords within the meta description (don’t stuff your keywords)

Only use emojis in meta description if you would like to point out a review or any numerical values.

Identify Competitor’s Best Keywords


Do I still get to research keywords for my site?


All because I’ve discussed topic clusters earlier, it doesn’t mean you’ll ignore keyword research. you continue to identify the keywords relevant to your business and rank for them by utilizing topic clusters.

When it involves finding keywords, there are two ways to try to do it.

Enter keywords that you simply assume relevant to your business into a keyword research tool


Find the keywords your competitors are ranking for.


You can use both ways of finding the proper keywords. But, finding your competitor’s keyword can assist you to avoid performing keyword research from scratch.

If your competitors are ranking for particular keywords, it means:


The keywords are relevant to your business

The competitor is driving an honest amount of organic search traffic from the keywords.

We will use the reverse engineering method to enhance program rankings and increase organic search traffic.

For example, for my website, a site like writes content almost like my digital marketing niche.

You can check the list of keywords they’re ranking for in terms of country. 

For this instance, we’ll use Malaysia.

Some of the keywords won’t be relevant to your business. 


In some scenarios, your competitors may target keywords that your potential customers don’t look for. 

Sometimes, they’re ranking for super competitive keywords that you simply don’t want to waste some time and resources to rank.

You can use the list of keywords and their search ranking positions as a benchmark to focus on the proper keywords and develop the simplest content (better than your competitors).

When you perform competitor analysis for SEO, you’ll uncover numerous opportunities that you simply can use as a competitive advantage.

Update and Republish Old Articles


Did you recognize that not all the articles you publish on your site will rank in search engines?

Even if you’re performed extensive keyword research and written the simplest content, 

your articles can get stagnant on the 2nd or 3rd page of search engines.

Recently, I’ve added fresh information to my old articles and republished them. are going to be looking forward to seeing whether the updated content can increase the organic search traffic to my site.

Publish Long-Form Content


Try asking a couple of content marketers or SEO experts about long-form content and you’ll receive two different responses. 

One might argue that people’s span is low and long-form content may or might not work. the opposite might confidently say that developing longer articles is the best thanks to increasing visitor engagement and supplying them with valuable insights.

Well from my personal experience, 

I will be able to accept it as true with the one that supports long-form content.

You need to know why long-form content performs better on search engines.



So, it’s your call now.

Which of the listed SEO techniques during this blog post does one want to undertake?

Are you getting to specialize in creating long-form content?

Or you want to enhance your site’s UX

Whatever you are doing, confirm to consistently implement SEO strategies for long-term success. SEO isn’t a group and forgets digital marketing strategy.

SEO is rapidly evolving and you would like to adapt and act fast to perform better than your competitors.

And never ignore the basics of SEO. Make the trouble to know them.

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