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What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is the core of your website. It consists of the simplest, most vital articles on your site; the pages or posts you would like to rank highest within the search engines. 

Cornerstone articles are usually relatively long, informative articles, combining insights from different blog posts and covering everything important about a few certain topics.

Their focus is to supply the simplest and most complete information on a specific topic, instead of selling products. Still, they ought to reflect your business or communicate your mission perfectly.

Cornerstone content is often either a blog post or a page. 

But whichever they’re, you ought to confirm they’re alright written, update them often, and aim to urge them to rank for your best keywords.


Why are cornerstone articles so important for SEO?



Cornerstone content plays a big role in any SEO strategy. It is often hard to rank for very fashionable search terms, but a cornerstone approach can assist you to tackle those competitive search terms. 

If you write tons of pages on similar subjects, you would like to inform 

Google which of them is the most vital. If you don’t, you’ll erode your chances to rank well within the search results. Providing the right internal link structure between your posts tells Google which article is the most vital.

Link structure for cornerstones


Cornerstone articles should have a prominent place on your website. Ideally, someone should be ready to click straight from your homepage to your cornerstone articles. 

Also, all of your other posts about similar topics should link back to their corresponding cornerstone article, 

so its importance is obvious from your site structure. 

As your site develops, you’ll write plenty of new blog posts approaching that topic from other angles, all linking back to your cornerstone article. 

This internal linking structure will increase the prospect of your cornerstone content pages ranking in Google searches.

The following metaphor might assist you to understand this principle: imagine you’re watching a map of a state or country. 

Small towns and large cities will all be inter connected somehow. But the large cities will have more roads leading towards them than the tiny towns. 

Those cities are your cornerstones, receiving the foremost links. The tiny towns are your posts on more specific topics. 

There are some roads (links) resulting from them, but not as many in the large cities.

A more concrete example: at Yoast, we write tons of various posts about SEO copywriting, each watching a special aspect of SEO copywriting. 

The cornerstone article for this subject is the ultimate guide to SEO Copywriting, and whenever we write a replacement post on 

SEO copywriting, we add a link thereto to the cornerstone article. In doing so, 

I’ll explain to Google that the last word guide is the most vital article about SEO Copywriting on our site, thereby increasing its chances to rank.

Which articles are my cornerstones?


Choose your cornerstones carefully. consider the four or five pages you’d like someone to read once they first visit your website. 

These articles should be the cornerstones of your site. 

Which articles are most vital to you?

 Which are the foremost complete and authoritative? 

Do these target the keywords you most want to rank for?

It might be tempting to consider your homepage as a cornerstone article, but that’s not really what your homepage does. 

Although it does have many links leading back thereto, content-wise it doesn’t do what a cornerstone should do.

 A cornerstone article should target a selected topic, with many in-depth contents talking about that topic. 

Your homepage is going to be far more general than this, so it doesn’t offer you an equivalent opportunity to rank for your target keywords. 

That being said, of course, it’s important to spend time optimizing your homepage.

If your website is gigantic, you’ll have more cornerstones than if your website is little. You’ll probably write on quite one topic, so make certain to settle on a cornerstone article from each category.

Give your cornerstones extra attention


The concept of cornerstone content is so important, that our Yoast SEO for WordPress plugins and Yoast SEO for Shopify app include a choice to indicate whether or not a page is cornerstone content. If you mark pages as cornerstone content, 

Yoast SEO helps you write kick-ass content and build a solid internal linking structure.

Marking your cornerstone articles means you’ll create an inventory of them in your post overview, so you’ll easily work on improving them. 

And, most significantly, the link suggestion tool in Yoast SEO Premium will give priority to the articles that you simply mark as cornerstone content, 

so you’ll always remember to link to your best article on a particular topic if you write on something related.

Optimizing your cornerstones with Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO offers a selected cornerstone content analysis that helps you optimize your cornerstone content. Yoast SEO for WordPress also includes a text link counter, and – in Premium – even internal linking suggestions, during which cornerstone articles get priority over other posts.

Cornerstone analysis


If you want to form your cornerstone articles great, you would like specific content analysis for cornerstones. 

Content marked as a cornerstone is going to be judged more strictly than usual on SEO and readability within the content analysis, as you would like this text to be longer, have excellent content, 

keep the reader’s attention, and rank high. Read how this analysis helps you optimize your cornerstones in Yoast SEO for WordPress and Yoast SEO for Shopify.

Text link counter


With Yoast SEO for WordPress, you’ll filter your cornerstone articles within the post overview to ascertain what percentage of internal links a post has pointing to and the way many posts it links to. 

This text link counter is extremely useful because you’ll see at a look if your cornerstone content has enough links from other, related posts:

Internal linking suggestions

Yoast SEO Premium has an indoor linking feature. We analyze what you write and use the foremost prominent words in your text to work out which articles are related – and thus which you ought to link to. 

Cornerstone articles are treated differently in our calculation of internal linking suggestions because they’re more important and have a better value. to offer these articles more prominence, we place 

the cornerstone articles at the highest of the list of the interior linking suggestions. that creates it much easier for you to link to your critical articles.

steps to a killer cornerstone approach

Ideally, you ought to do extensive keyword research, which can assist you to supply awesome, long, informative, and beautifully written cornerstone articles. 

But what if you don’t have that much time?

 And what if you’ve already written plenty of articles? Follow these five steps to form killer cornerstone content.

Step 1: believe your keywords


You have to decide on the essential keywords you would like to rank for. Your cornerstone articles should be optimized for the ‘head’ or best keywords, so make certain to hold out some keyword research.

Step 2: Choose the simplest post


Go through the posts that are optimized for keywords surrounding the foremost important keywords. Which post is the best? That’ll be your cornerstone from now on!

Step 3: Rewrite it


Rewrite your cornerstone article. Make it awesome and SEO-friendly. 

As cornerstone articles are usually lengthy, pay extra attention to readability. confirm you employ many headings. 

An index at the start of an extended cornerstone article is additionally an excellent idea. Expand your article and confirm it’s up so far. And don’t forget to rewrite and update that article regularly.

Step 4: Optimize your other posts on long-tail variants


The other blog posts about similar topics as your cornerstone article should be optimized for long-tail variants of the ‘head’ keyword you’re attacking in your cornerstone article.

Step 5: Linking from tail to go 


You have to inform Google that your new cornerstone article is the most vital thereon topic on your site. Don’t forget to link from all the long tail articles to your cornerstone article!

Quick wins!


In the real world, perhaps you are doing not have the time to develop such an elaborate structure. Still, writing a piece writing a few specific topics often results in inspiration to write down a piece of writing a few similar topics. you ought to then attempt to optimize this second post for a rather different focus keyword and link these posts internally.

Every time you write a post, you ought to believe similar posts you’ve written and link to those. does one have already got a crucial article about this, albeit it’s not entirely awesome yet? If you employ 

Yoast SEO Premium, keep an eye fixed on the interior linking tool to ascertain what comes up.

Also, confirm you found the proper linking structure. 

This doesn’t take tons of time and will help to rank your most vital article.

take a glance at the least of the posts on the subject you’ve already written about and add links to your most vital article from all of your (less awesome) posts on that specific topic. you’ll use the Yoast text link counter to regularly check if there are enough internal links to your important articles.



Site structure is vital for SEO. Having a solid site structure means both search engines and visitors can easily navigate your site to seek out what they need. to assist you to achieve this, 

we are continually performing on more features in Yoast SEO that’ll improve the structure of your website.

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