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The digital marketing playbook is not like traditional

playbooks, which include process flowcharts, operational procedures, and values.

To begin, the digital marketing playbook

So,is a massive store of keywords, search terms,

and tracking data, as well as information sources – display, video, social, and search –

that direct internet person to brand or business websites.

Although the internet world has devolved

into a swamp – chaotic and competitive –

the two phenomena of interest are SEO vs PPC.

These are so significant that a chosen SEO or PPC agency,

as well as people all across the world,

struggle to find sense in the disorganized and strange digital reality.

So,among the various platforms,

Facebook advertising are a significant one that leads to actual outcomes.

Opening the Floor with SEO and PPC

Because the digital marketing puzzle set centres around these two occurrences,

we’ll start by delving into them.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation,

is a process that assists your brand in gaining traffic,

both quality and quantity,

to your business website by ranking in the SERPs.

In a nutshell, SEO is a natural or organic lead-generating strategy

that exclusively deals with unpaid search results.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a paid advertising method in

So,which an advertiser compensated every time

an online visitor clicks on the ad.

In essence, it is a strategy that involves purchasing visits or clicks.

Click-Through Rate and impressions are two more notions that produced

as a result of PPC
Both are distinct,

and you must grasp them if your brand

or business intends to use PPC advertising services.

Getting into the Application and Usage of SEO and PPC

Benefits of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is perfect for companies that want to increase their organic traffic.

Although generating organic traffic is a difficult task,

it yields a better ROI (Return On Investment).

This is since brands are not required to pay for each term for which they wish to rank.

Furthermore, SEO increases reputation and sustainability.

It is long-term and difficult

So,for competitors to replicate because it based on organic traffic.

When your company or brand appears at the top of a search engine

like Google or Bing, brand awareness and visibility skyrocket.

Drawbacks of SEO

SEO is time-consuming and slow,

and it may take several months for your company

or brand to gain traction and traffic.

Another disadvantage is that SEO is a continuous and ongoing process.

That stated, your company’s website

or any page will never be completely optimized.

The only way to do so is to invest in

and upgrade your website’s content regularly.

Benefits of PPC

PPC is a tactic for increasing visibility in a specific niche.

Google Ads is one method for achieving this niche-targeted visibility.

Spending money on this helps to increase the brand’s visibility and remember

the value in the minds of consumers and visitors.

If you are thinking about creating a Google Ads account,

keep the following criteria in mind.

Enter a search query and you will see a few paid ad links at the top of the page;

this provides rapid visibility regarding your brand promos and campaigns.

Brands can target a certain group of people by employing demographic

information such as age, location, date and time, and so on.

Drawbacks of PPC

The financial side is significant, and advertising and promotion prices can skyrocket.

One of the business playbook values is – the higher the salary, the better the results.

This exacerbated by the competitive landscape for keywords,

So,which is already congested and poised to become even more so.

So,PPC based on bidding, and researching and picking keywords takes time.


The digital playbook is ever-changing and far from static.

As a result, the online environment has devolved

into a swamp of advertising and branding.

Whatever the case may be, the digital marketing strategy focuses on the phenomena of SEO vs PPC .

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