Why Does Referral Marketing Work and How Can You Use It? - Nummero

Marketing may be both costly and time-consuming.
This is not the case with referral marketing.

In reality, recommendations are the least expensive and most efficient type of promotion,

and they should not overlook.

Referral marketing is free in its most basic form.

All you have to do is create a positive customer experience and encourage your customers to share the news.

That is all there is to it.

However, this would leave a lot of referral marketing possibilities on the table.

People are twice as likely to listen to product suggestions from friends as
they are from other sources, therefore referral marketing works.

Furthermore, individuals trust these suggestions more than any other source of product information.

Referral marketing has long been a go-to strategy for companies with minimal marketing resources.

Etsy, a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform, claims that word of mouth accounts for 90% of its growth.

All You Had to Do Was Ask

According to Texas Tech, 83% of happy consumers are willing to recommend a product or service,

but just 29% do so.

The please and thank you formula is a simple answer to this problem.

Remember that most individuals who get an excellent product

or service are happy to suggest it to others, so don’t be hesitant to ask!

If you’re not comfortable asking customers to suggest your product

in exchange for free, consider sweetening the bargain.

Give them a discount, a free product, or a partial refund on their bill.

This is a refer-a-friend program.

Finding Your Incentive

The first step is to determine what your clients would deem useful.

This will depend on your clientele and the type of your product.

If your clients are members of an engaged online community,

you might want to explore something that sets them apart from their peers.

If you work in the video game business,

for example, you might provide a character armour set as a referral reward.

If you believe your clientele/fanbase is hungry,

you can provide early access to your new items to referrers.

Dropbox provided consumers with additional free storage space

if they persuaded others to sign up for the service.

If none of these choices appear to apply to you, there is still the traditional cold hard cash method.

This might take the shape of a discount or a lump sum payment unrelated to a transaction.

If you’ve discovered many viable incentives,
it’s a good idea to provide your potential referrers some alternatives.

In addition to having a greater probability of offering something they’ll enjoy,

they may feel driven to refer many times to earn the various incentives.

Referrals Bring You Better Customers

Researchers from Goethe University Frankfurt and

the University of Pennsylvania studied 5,000 recommended clients of a German bank.

The recommended consumers’ habits compared to those gained through other sources.

According to the study, recommended consumers resulted in a 25% greater profit margin.

This was due to clients referring friends who they believed would be a good fit with this bank.

Furthermore, the bank may draw conclusions based on similarities

between the new clients and their acquaintances.

These analogies made it easy for them to determine which items may be of interest to them.

According to the survey, recommended clients were 18% less likely to leave the bank.


You may dramatically boost the amount of sales recommendations you receive by following these procedures.

And, as previously demonstrated, such referrals are extremely important.

However, you must make recommendations a part of your company’s DNA.

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