Why would IPL 2021 be a major thing for Indian marketers? - Nummero

The IPL billed as one of the region’s largest sporting extravaganzas,

has captivated spectators and fans worldwide like no other.

It has also evolved as the great marketing carnival,

with firms across industries and their marketing partners.

Working into the wee hours of the morning to make the most of the occasion.

This is especially noteworthy in light of 2020’s difficult year due to the pandemic.

In regular lockdowns and rising Covid instances throughout the country.

IPL may well be a breath of fresh air for many businesses

and marketers dealing with shifting demand and a tired customer.

In such a case, marketers and their agencies.

Have been hard at work developing

the soon-to-be-released IPL message for their companies.

On the condition of anonymity, a young copywriter from an indie firm revealed.

That he had worked on around 25 pieces of IPL advertising for various businesses.

In the previous few weeks.

Despite the burden, he was content, demonstrating how

IPL is going to be a valuable safety net for the company.

IPL’s role in pushing marketing industry’s growth

“We have survived through these tough times and have found

the fortitude to bounce back while keeping all safety procedures in mind,” says Ogilvy’s Nayak.

He believes that people’s optimism will influence the games this year.

IPL is a welcome positive for businesses and advertising in general.

Especially as people begin to feel the weariness of the epidemic and the resulting lockdown.

According to Avers Murthy, “a big-ticket property

like this can do wonders monetarily and in terms of morale.

As seen by the rate at which the ad inventory was filled up this year.”

Marketing and advertising have always been about identifying target groups.

And then delivering the most pertinent message to get their attention.

Given the importance of cricket as a sport.

The IPL is the single most important cricketing event on the annual calendar.

“With consumers increasingly educated to see and experience content digitally

(OTT, Mobile, Smart TV).

Marketers may look to utilizing these platforms and feeling the unlock,” Nabh continues.

What to expect this IPL

The most recent IPL season was a pleasant change for everyone.

And it brought joy back into their lives at a time when it was much needed.

This year, there is also a lot of enthusiasm around cricket, particularly.

The way certain young Team India and

other teams have been performing in recent months.

“People are excited to watch how

the new guard takes over and adds energy to the games in IPL,

” says Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India.

I believe that this season will also help people unite and connect, even though

they will be watching the games away from the stadiums.”

Even though there is greater optimism than last year,

the second wave of Covid-19 is on the rise in India.

As chaotic as this is for the economy as a whole, it also means

that more people will stay at home and be hooked to their screens.

“In a sense, the impact of Covid-19 has become a surrogate media manager,

determining how to keep viewers captive,” Paul says.

IPL is also being re-played on Indian soil in the same time frame (April-May).

While the stadiums would still not be able to allow spectators to physically.

Enjoy the sport, the thrill of the IPL taking place on home turf will be tangible,

according to Priti Murthy, CEO of OMD India.


The Indian Premier League  providing much-needed morale and revenue.

Boost to the Indian marketing sector, but it remains to be  if customers.

Will  blown away by the experience of watching at home.

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