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What is Digital marketing |Nummero

At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels Any form of marketing that can be measured by marketing experts across the consumer journey and that leverages electronic devices to deliver promotional content.  Digital marketing is most commonly used to describe advertising efforts that run on a computer, phone, tablet, or other… Continue reading What is Digital marketing |Nummero

How Do iFrames Affect SEO?

iFrames are extremely handy tools that allow you to import parts of another website onto your own to improve it.  This is especially useful for films, e-commerce functionality, or a demonstration of how something works, such as lines of code from a developer.  But, given its information from another website, does it have an impact… Continue reading How Do iFrames Affect SEO?

What Is Interactive Marketing?

Are you seeking strategies to boost your overall sales and engagement?  Interactive marketing is on its way to rescue the day for you! Interactive marketing is a two-way marketing and advertising strategy that allows customers to interact with businesses directly.  Digital marketing channels such as email, polls, chatbots, and social media are commonly used to… Continue reading What Is Interactive Marketing?

What Are the Differences Between Leadership and Management?

The phrases “leadership” and “management“ are sometimes used interchangeably.  However, there are significant distinctions in the way they work. We’ll look at what those distinctions are and how you might use them in your company in this post. What is the difference between management and leadership?   The most straightforward way to illustrate the distinction… Continue reading What Are the Differences Between Leadership and Management?

Digital Marketing Future By 2025

Businesses are finding it challenging to keep up with the ever-changing trends in digital marketing since it is developing at a quicker rate. According to Adobe’s 2013 Digital Distress study, 76 percent of managers believe that marketing has changed dramatically in the last two years compared to the preceding fifty years. Traditional marketing principles and… Continue reading Digital Marketing Future By 2025

Cloaking in SEO: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Isn’t it true that we all desire our webpage or website to be top of a search engine’s results page?  All we have to do is improve our website to make it appear deserving of a high ranking.  However, Search Engine Optimization( SEO) is a slow process, and we do not want to wait. To… Continue reading Cloaking in SEO: What Is It and How Does It Work?

What Is Citation Flow (CF) in Search Engine Optimization?

Citation flow (CF) is a statistic developed by Majestic, an SEO software business, that measures how authoritative a website is on a scale of 0 to 100. Understanding the Flow of Citations   Assume you’re a scientist whose work has been published in a peer-reviewed publication.  Many other scientists agree with your findings and will… Continue reading What Is Citation Flow (CF) in Search Engine Optimization?

Web Design v/s Web Development Company

Even though we live in a digital age, the link between website design and development is frequently misinterpreted. Many people mistakenly assume that these two distinct disciplines are interchangeable, but this is not the case. Website development is concerned with the technical components of the site that allow it to operate online, whereas website design… Continue reading Web Design v/s Web Development Company

What exactly is web design?

The design of websites that are presented on the internet is referred to as web design.  Rather than software development, it generally relates to the user experience components of website creation.  Previously, web design was mostly focused on creating websites for desktop browsers; but, since the mid-2010s, mobile and tablet browser design has become increasingly… Continue reading What exactly is web design?

What is the definition of digital adoption?

Assume you’ve been given the duty of adopting a complex new CRM platform to help your company’s digital adoption transformation initiatives. Sales staff around the organization now have better, faster, and easier access to client data, and sales are increasing.  There’s simply one issue: your team isn’t appropriately utilizing the technology. Without the correct implementation… Continue reading What is the definition of digital adoption?